How to Earn the Respect Authority Daisy Petal (Magenta)

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Respecting authority is important for all children. There are many members of our local community who can help the girls earn this petal.

My troop asked our principal to come speak to us. Since we meet after-school, this was easy for her to do. She read the girls the book “The Principal From the Black Lagoon” and they did an activity with her based on it. She then took the girls on a tour of her office! Being in kindergarten at the time, they were very impressed. It looked big, spacious, and it was a place that they knew they did not want to go to when they were older!

At the end of the tour we took a photo that they put into their Girl Scout scrapbook.

The Principal from the Black Lagoon
The Principal from the Black Lagoon

When my older daughter was a Girl Scout, she went on afield trip to the police station. This is a good idea to do instead of a regular meeting. Just be sure to get all of your paperwork done for your field trip well in advance and to get your troop permission number.

2 thoughts on “How to Earn the Respect Authority Daisy Petal (Magenta)”

  1. Hello from a Daisy Leader in Lancaster, PA!

    I love the idea of the principal’s visit. Wish I’d thought of that!
    Here’s some things we are doing next week for this petal:

    We have invited a police officer to visit our troop next meeting. (He seems just as excited as the girls are! LOL ) He’ll talk about what a police officer does to keep us safe.

    We will also learn basic respect for older people..”ma’am”, “sir”, opening doors, etc. They get assignments they have to do everyday for the following week. The parents monitor the progress, and record what the girls did in a journal the girls made the second week. When it’s shown they’ve learned it, they get the petals.

  2. Karen-

    Thank you for sharing and I am glad you found my blog!

    I have only four Daisy meetings left until we bridge to Brownies. I am working in that now and a final scrapbook project. I will be posting about those as I go along!

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