Earning the Light Blue Petal-Honest and Fair

A cute book to start off your meeting!

Your Daisy Scouts are young, and for children who are this age, being “fair” is of great importance.

One activity I did with my girls to earn this petal was to take a pile of clip-art paper apples I had printed, placed them in the middle of the table, and I asked them how I could divide them fairly.  We spoke about what would be fair and unfair and what that meant.

The girls strategized how to do it, and they figured it out.  Then I took away a few apples to make the number uneven and repeated the activity.  Their reactions were interesting.

You can talk about “Honest Abe” Lincoln or George Washington and the story of the cherry tree.  Ask the girls why it is important to be honest.  What happens when you lie?  What happens when trust is broken?

Here are some other activities for you to try with your girls to earn the light blue Daisy petal, honest and fair.

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