How to Earn the Light Blue Daisy Petal Honest and Fair

There are many ways to earn the light blue Daisy petal, honest and fair.  At any age we want to be treated in an honest and fair fashion, and for kindergarten and first grade Daisy Girl Scouts, it is even more important.  How many times have you heard your own kids say, “That’s not fair?”

Another important life lesson that needs to be learned is to be honest.  Think about it…no one trusts or likes a liar.

To earn the light blue Daisy petal, you can combine a story and a craft to get the point across.  Most children have heard the tale of the boy who cried wolf.  You can read this to them or a different perspective on the tale, The Wolf Who Cried Boy. 


This book is cute because the boy is part of a Boy Scout troop.  I read this to my own children when they were little.

You can use a wolf template to make a wolf puppet.

I wrote a new article with much more detail on how to earn the light blue Daisy petal, honest and fair. 

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