My Girl Scout Community Service Project-Baking for the Troops

Baking cookies for troops overseas is a fantastic Girl Scout service project.

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In December, my Brownie troop baked cookies to send overseas to those who are serving in our military. This was a wonderful hands-on activity that required a lot of advance planning.

The first thing you have to get a place to bake! I lucked out and had someone volunteer her beautiful, newly renovated kitchen.

I also needed additional parents to volunteer, as I was doing three stations-cookie baking, card making and tin decorating.  I was able to recruit one and my sixteen year old daughter was the second.  Along with my troop leader and the mom whose house we were using, we had five volunteers altogether for eleven Girl Scouts, my daughter’s twin brother who wanted to help the troops, and two little sisters who live in the house where we were baking.

Then you need to get your field trip permission number. Once you have that, go online to get the Field Trip permission form and fill it out as a Word document. Send the completed form to the parents via email, and tell them you will keep resending it until you have all of the printed forms in your hand! (my moms know I will only stop reminding them when I have all the slips).

You will need to decide what kind of cookies you are baking, and then buy the necessary ingredients.

In a separate email to the parents, I asked to bring a rolling pin since we were doing cut out cookies and two favorite cookie cutters.  Each had to be labeled with their daughter’s name on it.

To sum it all up, our Girl Scout cookie baking project was a BIG HIT with the girls.  I believe it is something they will remember long after their scouting days are over.Because we are a large group, I made all of the batter at home and wrapped each girl’s portion in parchment paper.  About two hours before the meeting, I dropped everything off at the house where we were baking and helped my friend set up.

I know our troops were appreciative.  My husband and I attended a cocktail party on a military base two hours after we finished our project, and when I told  a two star general about what we did, he gave me his coin!  This is one of the highest honors a person can receive from a senior officer.  Our military truly appreciates everything you do to support them.
I wrote an article to give you a much more detailed account about how our Girl Scout cookie baking community service project went.  I hope this is something you will consider doing in the future!

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