Why Games for Girl Scouts is a Book Every Leader Must Have

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If you have read my posts before, you know that I am a HUGE fan of the book Game for Girl Scouts.  I feel that this book is a tool every leader must have in her bag of tricks.

We all have had meetings that end a bit earlier than we had planned.  Nothing is a prelude to trouble like idle hands! With Games for Girl Scouts, you are prepared.  There are games for indoors and outdoors, small groups and large groups.

What I do once a year is go through the book and put sticky notes to mark the pages of the games that I want to play with my troop.  The games you choose will change as your girls get older.  The book is for all levels of Girl Scouts, so you will never outgrow the book.  It grows with you.

And the girls love to play games!  It is a terrific way to end the meeting.

If you have not already purchased your own copy, I suggest that you do.

If you own Games for Girl Scouts, what games do your girls like to play?

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