I’m On Twitter!

Two weeks ago, I went to a Twitter workshop at my synagogue.  I have been debating over whether or not to use social media in conjunction with my work, as I do not use it much in my personal life. Did I really need to do this with my writing?

I have concluded that yes, I do.

I have tried unsuccessfully to fix my RSS feed found at the top of this page.  While I am still working on it,  readers do not know when I have added a new post.   That is a loss, as I know how many people received my feed before I moved my blog over to WordPress.

So today I entered the Twittersphere and blasted my first Tweet.  I am still using the “mommy” moniker, as Hannah and a bajillion variations of that name of “Girl Scouts” have already been taken.

This Twitter account is for Girl Scout related news only.  Nothing  personal, political, or inflammatory will be posted.

What will I be Tweeting about?

  • Girl Scouts in the news
  • Sales on craft items
  • My new articles and blog posts
  • Other leaders articles and blog posts
  • Anything related to Girl Scout leadership

I hope you follow me!


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