Finishing the Amuse Journey and Getting Ready for 2014 and the Bronze Award

To prepare for our final Amuse Journey meeting,  I took the list of stereotypes that the girls generated at our previous meeting and typed them out on paper.  To be honest, I had to turn the negative ones (example, “Girls can’t…) and change the wording to make it a positive.  I then cut each one into a strip and placed it into a brown lunch bag.  I had extras so that no one felt like they got “stuck” with the last one.

I did not want arguing over who got which idea, as some were easier to write about than others.

I told the girls that they were fold a piece of computer paper in half, top to bottom.  On the bottom, they were to write a paragraph about their given stereotype and on top draw it.  My co-leader and I helped the girls who seemed stuck, and by the end, everyone finished (but barely!)

Over the winter break, I will retype what they wrote and then glue their picture on top.  I will take it to Staples and have it copied and bound.  The school librarian, once a Girl Scout herself, told me that she would happily put the book in the school library.

I am so happy that the Journey is over.

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We are unable to meet a second time this month due to the school calendar, so our next meeting is scheduled for the first week of January, where we will select a Bronze Award topic from the list we made in the fall and start planning.

What are your plans and goals for 2014?

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