Girl Scout Bridging Gift Ideas for Older Girls

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It’s that time of year when we look at our troop of girls and wonder where the time has gone. Recently, four of my girls attended an older girl led Rope Runner Derby, and watching the little Daisy Scouts running around with their toothless smiles and pigtails made the other leaders and I smile and remember when our girls were that young.

Now they are tall young women (some taller than us) who were the oldest girls to attend a Council event.

If you are a Junior troop bridging to Cadettes or a Cadette troop bridging to Seniors or a Senior troop bridging to Ambassadors, then you may be considering giving your girls a gift from your co-leader and you to commemorate this occasion.

Girl Scout Bridging Gift Ideas for Older Scouts. These are inexpensive items that you do not have to spend time creating.

Unlike Daisy or Brownie Scouts, who will be happy with a cute little something that you found on Pinterest, your older girls will probably prefer a little something more substantial.

But substantial does not mean expensive.

As your girls have gotten older, you have also gotten busier. While there are so many adorable things you can craft and create, be honest…do you have time to make them? Stop the guilt! You already have devoted hours and hours of your time and you continue to do so if you are moving up with your girls.

Here are some adorable gift ideas for only a few dollars each. Depending on how many girls are in your troop and how many leaders are splitting the cost, the out of pocket cost to you will be minimal. And as an added bonus, you are saving time-a most precious commodity!

Here are some adorable bridging gift ideas. You can tuck something meaningful inside like a personal note to each girl.

Girl Scout bridging gift for older girls-change purse comes in 11 different colors and patterns.

This adorable change purse comes in 11 different colors and patterns. Available on Amazon and the shipping is free!

Coin purses with sequins make a cute bridging gift for older girls. Available in all the colors shown here.

Here is another version of the coin purse, but it this on has sequins. This has free shipping and is available here.

Pencil or makeup case for older girls comes in four different patterns.

This is a pencil case that can also be used as a makeup bad for a purse as well. There are four different patterns that you can order. Available here on Amazon with free shipping.

Pretty makeup pouches/pencil cases are perfect bridging gifts for girls.Here is a similar kind of pouch that makes a great little gift for girls who are bridging. You can find them here.

Are you planning on giving your girls a bridging gift?

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