What Has My 8th Grade Cadette Troop Been Up To?

It has been a while since I have written a post about my five girls who are now eighth grade Cadette Girl Scouts. Here is what we have been up to!

We were unable to meet over the summer like I wanted to since everyone had a different camp and vacation schedule. We adhere to the rule that it is all or nothing when we do something, since we do not want any of the girls to feel left out. With such a small troop, it is really a pleasure to see them bond and enjoy each other’s company without any of the drama that befalls middle school girls. Scouting is a safe place for each one of them.

Troop update

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In October the girls went on their first camping weekend. Unfortunately, it was pouring rain for most of the time, but they did manage to get in archery and canoeing, as well as Friday night dinner over the campfire, before the heavy rains arrived. After lunch on Saturday, my daughter gave all the girls makeovers in their tent. This helped pass the time and when the next scheduled activity was about to take place, the girls did not want to go and interact with the other troops (most of whom were younger). They were really bonding, but we forced them to go anyway.

We met in early November to discuss our goals for the year. First we talked about earning the Silver Award, which all did not want to do. I am fine with my daughter not earning it, since I see Girl Scouts as an intimate group of friends where she can do fun activities and learn new skills. Her other activities and school take up enough of her time.

Then we discussed cookie selling and it was decided that we would not sell this year since we had plenty of money to fund this year’s activities. The girls were fine with it and I believe that they got the itch to sell out of their system.

Next on the agenda we talked about the camping trip and they decided that future trips would not be through Council but on our own. They liked doing things on their own time schedule and not someone else’s, and they also wanted to plan their own activities. The seeds of leadership!

Last, we discussed our December community service project, the one we do each year. We will be baking cookies and muffins for the homeless men who reside in my synagogue during the final two weeks of December. We will also be making personal care baskets for our local Jewish Family Services to distribute over the holiday season. As an avid couponer, I have spent months buying items for free or practically free. I am going to teach the girls how to put a pretty basket together, something I have learned over my many years on fundraising committees.

This winter, they want to earn the New Cuisines badge, so this is a meeting I will lead. I love cooking badges!

What has your troop been up to? What are your plans for the year?


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