Fun, Easy and Inexpensive Thanksgiving Craft Ideas for Daisy and Brownie Girl Scouts

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It is hard to believe that November is here! Planning your meetings while knee deep in your own personal Thanksgiving preparations and celebrations can be overwhelming if you are not prepared. I always liked to use craft kits for kids when I could, as I started leading a troop long before Pinterest was around. It made these late fall meetings easier to prepare.

Easy Thanksgiving Craft Ideas for Daisy and Brownie leaders

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Here are some inexpensive craft kits to help your troop stay busy and to help them earn Daisy petals (Considerate and Caring or Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout) .

Make a Turkey Sticker Sheets

Available from Current Catalog and on a super sale now, these sticker sheets create a turkey that can be the front of a Thanksgiving card. Take them or mail them to a senior citizen home or a food pantry to put in a bag of food that is given out over the holiday season.

Set of 12 Make a Turkey sticker sheets can be used to make Thanksgiving cards for others.

Available at Current Catalog

Dressing the turkey takes on a new meaning with these cute sticker sheets. Each includes a turkey body and 22 face-part and accessory stickers. The largest sticker is 2-1/2″ x 3-1/4″, and the c ompleted turkey is approximately 4″ tall.

Thanksgiving and fall themed stickers for crafts

Available at Current Catalog

This autumnal set comes with 66 stickers to decorate cards or gift bags for others. It is also on a super sale.

Pumpkin fall stickers for Thanksgiving cards

Available at Current Catalog

Thanksgiving Craft Kits

Here are some other fun Thanksgiving craft kits to make your life easier before Turkey Day!

Available on Amazon

After talking about what the girls are Thankful for, they can make these turkeys, which come in a set of 4.

Available on Amazon

Need a large amount of turkeys? This best selling craft kit has enough materials for 24!

Make a Beaded Craft

Available on Amazon

Make necklaces and bracelets for sister scouts or for family and friends with this fall foam bead assortment that contains 500 beads. 

Discount Thanksgiving Craft Kits Get Yours Now

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I know what you are thinking…it isn’t even Halloween yet! You have Founder’s Day to celebrate and are in the midst of getting it all together to launch your new troop year successfully.

If you have read this blog for any length of time, you know I am all about organization, saving your time and energy, and saving your troop money whenever possible.

Because I work six days a week, I try to stay on top of my blog in advance. So while looking for some Thanksgiving ideas, I found some really fun looking craft kits for leaders to use during the beginning of the very busy holiday season. These are all priced to sell, as some are clearance items.

Colorations Thanksgiving Turkey Table Topper - Kit for 12

Available at Discount School Supply

This Thanksgiving turkey table topper craft kit makes enough for 12.

Use watercolor paints to create these gorgeous turkeys.

Available at Discount School Supply

I happened to have done this craft with leaf shapes with my preschool class last week. This kit comes with 36 turkeys. All you need is liquid watercolor paint and pipettes, and foam bowls to put the paint in. The girls drop each color where they want. Put the turkey on a foam plate and have the girls create colorful turkeys.

You can find more inexpensive Thanksgiving craft kits here.

Low Cost Craft Classes at Michael’s Craft Stores This February

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Whether or not you are selling cookies, at this time of year, you may be feeling a little stressed or burnt out. If you cannot get the girls outside, their natural pent up energy just bubbles over. Sometimes a change of scenery is called for.

Just in time, Michael’s Craft Stores have weekend classes that are low cost and fit right in with Daisy Scouts.

If any of these interest you, make sure you get permission slips for the girls asap. Parents should hang around since these are not long in length. Or if you just have want to get together informally, send out an email or post on your troop Shutterfly page or Facebook group page that you will be there and their daughters are welcome to attend.
Inexpensive craft classes make for great Girl Scout meetings, especially during cookie season.                                  Photo from Pixabay 

Saturday February 11-Valentine’s Make Event
Buy blank cards and the rest of the Valentine card making supplies are free.
Sunday February 12-Teen Class
Do you have Juniors working on a Sewing badge? In this class, which costs about $5.00 for materials, kids will learn how to embroider an emoji button.
Saturday February 25-Family Spring Painting Event
Purchase a birdhouse or clay pot and the decorating supplies are free. The birdhouse can work for the Daisy Journey!
You can find more classes here at Michael’s!


Walmart Clearance at 75% Great Craft Items Available!

Happy New Year my fellow leaders!

I just wanted to give all of you deal seekers a heads up on what is available at Walmart. Most stores have 75% off on their Christmas merchandise, and I had a party buying things for my service projects, my personal crafting, my daughters’ crafting and for my preschool class.

Photo by Hannah Gold

These sprinkle sets rang up $1.22. There were plenty of red sugars for Valentine’s Day and green for Saint Patrick’s Day or for your bridging to Juniors ceremony.

Photo by Hannah Gold

Craft ribbon in all colors and sizes was also marked down. I bought enough spools to last a very long time! The blue is perfect for Daisy crafts!

Have you found any great Girl Scout bargains you would like to share?


Easy Thanksgiving Crafts for Daisies and Brownies

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While the girls are getting excited for Halloween and Girl Scout Founder’s Day celebrations, as the leader, you have to stay a few steps ahead of the girls so you are not scrambling at the last minute for meeting ideas. This just causes added and unnecessary stress.

Here are some quick and easy crafts for Daisy and Brownie Girl Scouts to do during the Thanksgiving season.

Photo from Pixabay

You also do not want to plan to much since November launches the very busy holiday season. You can have one meeting centered on a fun craft to give as a gift or to earn a badge or petal and another meeting that can be a Thanksgiving related service project.

Package of 500 Thanksgiving and fall beads make easy crafts and gifts for Girl Scout leaders of younger troops.

Package of 500 fall foam beads from Amazon

Of course, you can peruse one of my favorite places, Pinterest, to get ideas. The only problem with that is you then have to go out and buy all of the materials, create the sample to work out the kinks and then fix any that you see. Thanksgiving craft kits are an easy way to do a craft and it already has all of the components you need for it to be successful.

Here are some fun and easy crafts that your girls can do.

Here are some more…

And even more…