Updated for 2017 New Daisy Leader-Tips for Running a Successful Troop Book

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Back in 2012, I decided to sit down and write a book for brand new Daisy leaders. While I had many articles on this topic across the internet on my own blogs and other websites, there was still a lot of information that I had not covered, especially in the area of starting your troop.

Since it’s publication back in June 2012, it has had only one update, and that was back in 2013. A lot has changed in scouting since then, and I have also changed as well. My troop, which consists of four 9th graders, are now Girl Scout Seniors. We have had big changes within our ranks, and the girls are so much more mature and able to do more than when I first became a leader.

The Daisy program has expanded to include three earned badges, which will make their debut this fall. Facebook groups have popped up to help out leaders of all levels. Other leaders have created blogs to share what they do with their troop. I started this blog in 2014 to help Daisy leaders, as your concerns are unique. I want to give other leaders a helping hand. It is possible to lead as long as I have. 

Updated Girl Scout Daisy Leader Book A guide at your side with new chapters and augmented chapters to help you start your troop off on the right foot
In this 2017 update, I have added three new chapters and expanded the original twelve to include more ideas on how to earn the petals. There is an updated resource guide in the back. And while there is a chapter devoted to the Journeys program, there are no lesson plans or links on how to do those in the book. I am a firm believer that year one for Daisy leaders should be focused on petals, the way the program used to be run. As new troop leaders, you have enough on your plate planning, organizing and running meetings to meet the smaller goal of earning a petal at each meeting. Journeys are more intensive. Give yourself some slack and wait a year to do one if you are so inclined.
If you are new to being a leader and want to learn more, this easy to read guide at your side will help you take the necessary steps to becoming the best leader you can be.

Top 10 Tips for Starting a Daisy Girl Scout Troop

Are you thinking about becoming a Girl Scout leader for your daughter who is in kindergarten or in first grade? While you may be nervous at the start, it is truly a great experience. I ought to know…this fall I will be starting my 10th year as my daughter’s Girl Scout leader. Her troop was founded in the fall of 2008 and it has been, overall, wonderful experience.

Top 10 Tips for Starting a Daisy Girl Scout Troop from an experienced leader

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I have a blog devoted entirely to Daisy Girl Scout leaders. There I share many ideas for getting started and how to hit the ground running.

If you are still on the fence about becoming a leader, you can look into what it is all about before you make your decision. Check out your local Council’s website and see if you can get started now with your paperwork and training schedule. Ask questions…lots of questions! You can join one of the many Facebook groups devoted to Girl Scouts.

You can check out and read my article Top 10 Tips for Starting a Daisy Girl Scout Troop and see how to get started.

Daisy Girl Scout Meeting Calendar for Your Second Year

For second year Daisy troop leaders, there is a sense of relief that you made it through the first year. Learning the ropes is not easy…it is a learn as you go volunteer position with varying degrees of help. While I was fortunate to have a great Service Unit to guide me, I know from many forum posts and Facebook groups that it is not always the case. That is one of the reasons I started this blog over seven years ago!

A reoccuring question that has been asked over and over again is What do I do with my second year Daisy troop if we did all the petals the first year?

I have the answer for you…and it does not include doing a Journey!

Daisy Girl Scout meeting ideas for your second year without having to do a Journey

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Even if you have new girls joining your troop who have not earned any petals yet, these activities can help them earn them while reinforcing their concepts with the girls who are in their second year. Young children need repetition, and the Girl Scout Law is woven throughout all the years a girl is involved with scouting.

You will find your second year Daisy Girl Scout meeting plans from September to December on my Daisy Girl Scout blog.

Daisy Girl Scout Leader Resources

Are you a brand new Daisy Girl Scout leader? Are you trying to figure our how to start your troop?

I have some online resources for you!

Here is a list of online resources that new Daisy leaders can use for planning their first or second year of troop meetings.

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First, there is this blog!  I began writing it to help other leaders and I have hundreds of posts with resources for you.  Just go to the “Search” box and type in what you want to find.

Second, I have a blog devoted solely to Daisy Girl Scouts!  It is called Daisy Girl Scout Activities and you will find all kinds of information there just for you.

Third, there is my favorite forum, Girl Scout Moms at Babycenter.com  There you will find practical advice from active leaders. You will be able to ask questions from other leaders and find the support that you need from those who have “been there” and those who are new like yourself.

Here are ideas on why and how to make a Kaper Chart.

What does a Girl Scout leader need?  Here are some more resources for you.

I have many pinboards devoted to Girl Scouts and several just for Daisy Scouts. Here they are:

Daisy Girl Scouts

Daisy Girl Scout Journeys

How to Earn the Blue Promise Center

How to Earn the Yellow Daisy Petal

How to Earn the Orange Daisy Petal

How to Earn the Purple Daisy Petal

How to Earn the Violet Daisy Petal

How to Earn the Magenta Daisy Petal

How to Earn the Green Daisy Petal

How to Earn the Rose Daisy Petal

How to Earn the Red Daisy Petal

How to Earn the Light Blue Daisy Petal

How to Earn the Spring Green Daisy Petal

Makingfriends.com is a fantastic site full of wonderful free resources for Daisy leaders. It was my go-to site when I was starting out.

Check out the sidebar on my blog to see pertinent articles for Daisy leaders!

There is also my book Daisy Girl Scout Leader:Tips for Running a Successful Troop.  I wrote this as a guide to launch the new leader in greater detail.  No Journeys are discussed, as I firmly believe that they should be saved for the second year if done at all.

If you have any tips for new Daisy Girl Scout leaders, please drop in a share!

My New Daisy Girl Scout Leader Blog

Starting your own Daisy Girl Scout troop can be an overwhelming job.  It really is something that takes a lot of on the job training!  When I started as a leader back in 2008, there were very few internet resources for me to use. I really had to make a lot of it up as I went along.

That is the primary reason I started this blog-to help other leaders of all levels.  The leaders who contacted me the most over the years are Daisy leaders, as they have so many questions! Depending on your local Service Unit, you may receive tons of help or none at all and anything in between!

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As I have written on this blog, my posts became more focused on the higher levels as I have moved up.  On the forums where I lurk, there are still so many Daisy leader questions!

So I decided to create a blog just for them!

Daisy Activities is just that-all about Daisy activities!

How to earn Daisy petals, getting your troop off the ground…it is all there!