Easy Halloween Crafts for Girl Scouts

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Now that school is in full swing, the shelves in stores are now filled with Halloween candy and decor. Kids love this holiday where once a year, they are permitted to ask for candy from strangers.

If you are celebrating the holiday with your troop, here are some cute craft kits to do with your troop. Do them for a Halloween themed meeting or to include in your Birthday in a Bag Founder’s Day project.

Easy Girl Scout craft for Halloween. Comes with 12

Available on Amazon

This wooden necklace kit comes with enough for 12 girls.

This Monster Magnet craft kit for Halloween comes with enough for 12 girls

Available on Amazon

This adorable Monster Magnet craft kit comes with 12 monsters for girls to decorate.

This Halloween charm bracelet kit comes with enough for 12 bracelets

Available on Amazon

This charm bracelet comes with everything you see-themed charms and colored beads. It makes 12 bracelets.

Here are some other fun options to make your meeting fun and your planning easy!

Here are some more craft kits.

Craft Supply Alert-30 Sharpie Markers in Gift Box for Only $10

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Here is a craft item all Girl Scout leaders need to have as part of their craft supplies-Sharpies! Walmart has a set of 30 for only $10! This includes both fine and ultra fine pointed markers. If you poke around any site or store you know that a pack of ten goes for more money than this!

Sharpie Markers 30 count gift set from Walmart is now on sale!

Available at Walmart

You can buy yours online and pick it up at your local store for free or have it shipped directly to your home. Older girls can create so many wonderful things with these permanent markers. If your daughter loves to draw, then this beautifully boxed set makes an inexpensive gift for her or any of the other artists on you holiday gift list.

Easy Winter Crafts for Girl Scouts

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It is that time of year again when the Girl Scout Facebook groups that I belong to start to fill up with discussions about the upcoming holiday season. Last year, in this blog post, I wrote about how I felt about the whole situation. As a woman who has spent her life in the minority, it really touched a nerve when I read the postings of fellow Girl Scout leaders. In a movement where three of the first leaders were Jewish, where troops for African Americans, Native Americans and the disabled (back in 1936) were created, the inclusiveness that our founder, Juliette Gordon Lowe, strived for, goes off the deep end.

Here are some easy winter crafts for Girl Scout leaders to use during the busy December season. These are inclusive and can be done by all girls, regardless of what holiday they celebrate.

Photo from Pixabay

Girl Scouts needs to be inclusive 365 days a year. Your girls will be fine doing service projects, making gifts for their families, and celebrating the new winter season. Celebrating one holiday and leaving girls out who do not share in those beliefs is not the Girl Scout way.

Making a marshmallow igloo is a fun craft to make at your December Girl Scout party.

Photo by Hannah Gold

If you are planning a winter themed party, you can read how I made a marshmallow igloo with my son’s class several years ago. This will require a few extra hands for the younger girls, and of course, some extra marshmallows for snacking!

You can plan a New Year’s Eve party at your meeting. That would be fun for the girls to do with each other!

These winter foam shapes are perfect for making cards, decorating picture frames and decorating jars, gift bags and gift boxes.

500 Piece Winter Foam Shapes from Amazon

You can make cards for friends and family, decorate gift bags, mason jars and gift boxes with these winter themed shapes that are so easy to use. You can also adhere these to foam picture frames. Below are snowflake shapes that can also be used for crafts.

Snowflake foam shapes can also be used for winter crafts.

400 Pieces of Snowflake Foam Stickers from Amazon

Making snowman charm bracelets is a fun activity and can be a gift for the girls to give someone or just to make for themselves!

This snowman bracelet craft kit comes with 12 kits that are ready for your girls to assemble.

Snowman Charm Bracelet Craft Kit from Amazon-12 Count

Here are some other craft kits to make your party planning go easier.

What are you planning for your winter party?

Easy Girl Scout Founder’s Day Craft

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At the end of the month, Girl Scouts around the world will be celebrating Founder’s Day.  One way to do that is to do a service project for others, like Birthday in a Bag, which my troop did a few years ago (you can read how we did this here).

Use duct tape for an easy Girl Scout Founder's Day craft.

I found these great ideas to do the Birthday in a Bag and make plain gift bags look even better.

At A  Daily Pinch, the blogger has pictures of crafts she did using Duct Tape. These are simple, easy to prepare and the extra Duct Tape can be used for crafts throughout the year.

The two I am partial to are the cake and the candle taped to the bag. All you have to do before the meeting is prep the tape by cutting four strips and a flame or the candle, a flame, and a piece of string. You can make your own kits by putting each set in it’s own baggie or inside the gift bags you have had donated or purchased.

Here ais a fund duct tape craft for your troop to do for Girl Scout Founder's Day.

Amazon has this set of 10 rolls of duct tape on sale for half price. Normally, these are about five dollars a roll, and these are half of that.

Duct tape craft for Girl Scout Founder's Day.

This is another set of 10 that is available and on sale.

This decorated bag will brighten up your donation. It can also be done during the holiday season.

What are you dong for Girl Scout Founder’s Day?

Cute Swap to Earn the Violet Daisy Petal Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout or to Start off the Brownie Year

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If you want to start your scouting year on the right foot, then here is an adorable Swap for you to do with your girls.

This Sister Swap is also a wonderful craft to do if you want to earn the Violet Daisy petal.

Girl Scout Swap kit-Sisters-perfect for earning the violet Daisy petal.

This set comes with enough beads, pins, and ribbon to make 36 Swaps. If that is too much for your troop, consider sharing the cost with another troop or making them for a future Camporee that your Council is having.

There are a limited amount available. You can find them here.

If you like the idea of making this on your own, then you can choose from a large assortment of single letter beads to create the word you want.

Beads for Girl Scout crafts that have free shipping!

These beads are from Rockin Beads and they have free shipping.

Pony beads come in all colors. If you are Daisy Scouts earning the violet petal, use shades of purple. Brownies and Juniors can use green and white beads.

This is an easy way for you to launch the new scouting year!