Friday Freebie Earn the Girl Scouts Radio Patch

It has been a while since I have posted a “Friday Freebie”, but that is because they are getting harder to find! I wanted to share with you a new one that is for older girls.

The Radio & Wireless Technology Patch Program was developed by American Radio Relay League, Inc., with the assistance of members of Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains and Girls Scouts of Greater Atlanta. If your girls are interested in ameteur radio, this program is perfect for them.

Girls Scouts Radio Patch for all troop levels

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Everything you need from the curriculum is available at their website.


Friday Freebie Girl Scout Rewards Program Now at JoAnn Fabrics

*This post contains affiliate links.

I went back to work this week and so this Friday Freebie is coming just a few hours late…but I do not think you will mind!

Leaders ave 15% on all eligible troop purchases with the new Girl Scout Reward Program at Joann Fabrics

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Joann Fabric now has a Girl Scout Reward Program!

JOANN is partnering with Girl Scouts to help inspire and unleash the power of G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader)™ in every girl. In addition to offering a space for Girl Scouts in their stores, the company is going to donate to the Girl Scouts of the USA 2.5% of the purchase price on  all eligible transactions.

But wait, there’s more!

Once you get your card via email, you can print it out and save 15% on your total eligible purchases, whether you are shopping online at Joann’s  or going to the store to buy your troop supplies (and you can shop online and pick your purchase up at the store as well! How great is that?)

Hold on, JOANN’s is not done yet!

You can still use a coupon on your single item purchase with the 15%! (total purchase coupons cannot be combined with the 15% discount).

This program will be in effect until August 31, 2020!

Once you are registered, download the JOANN app with the same email you use to apply for the Girl Scout Rewards card. If you already have the app, sign out and then log back in. Your rewards card should be under the “My Coupons” tab.

Leaders of all levels should sign up for this card, as there is nothing to lose and everything to gain! I’ve already signed up for mine!

To find out more about the Girl Scout Rewards Program at JOANN’s, go to this page on their website to find out more.



Friday Freebie-Peep Fun Badge

(Okay, I know it is Sunday, but this cannot wait!)

If you are looking for a fun end of year meeting or something fun to do at your meeting, here is your chance to earn the “Peep Fun” Fun Patch. The program is free, but the patch is backordered. I am of the belief that you do not have to earn a patch for everything, and with Peeps being discounted greatly after Easter, here is your opportunity to have fun at a discount! My local Target has Peeps at 70% off.

‘PEEP FUN’ FUN PATCH PROGRAM Download free requirements.

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Here are the requirements for the patch (this link won’t hyperlink…just cut and paste the following).

Friday Freebie-Craft Classes at Lakeshore Learning

Teachers everywhere understand the allure of a Lakeshore Learning catalog. You can keep your fancy clothes or home magazines, give an educator pictures of colorful organizers, math manipulatives and alphabet games that are ready to go and we are in heaven!

Girl Scout Meeting Idea-Free Craft Classes at Lakeshore Learning

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Lakeshore Learning also has many craft items and they love to share them via their free Saturday morning craft classes. This is a fun way to get your young troop together without having to plan anything. Just send an email to the parents and share when you will be there with your daughter and make it known that this is not a drop off event, but an informal gathering. It is perfect for summer meetings!

Here is the most recent schedule of free craft classes from Lakeshore Learning. Keep it bookmarked so you can stay informed as it is updated over the summer!

Friday Freebie-Michael’s Craft Classes

Are you a leader of a young Daisy or Brownie troop who is on a budget? Would you like your girls to get together during the summer or on a Saturday?

Then here is a great Friday Freebie for you!

Your troop can take a free craft class at Michael's Craft stores. Find out what your local store is offering.

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Michael’s Craft Stores has many free and low cost craft classes for children (Low cost is about $2.00 per child). You do not need to make reservations, you just have to show up at the time of the class. Every month there are different offerings, so you can catch one that fits your child’s interest and ability level.

You can view the Classes and Events calendar here