Friday Freebie-Craft Classes at Lakeshore Learning

Teachers everywhere understand the allure of a Lakeshore Learning catalog. You can keep your fancy clothes or home magazines, give an educator pictures of colorful organizers, math manipulatives and alphabet games that are ready to go and we are in heaven!

Girl Scout Meeting Idea-Free Craft Classes at Lakeshore Learning

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Lakeshore Learning also has many craft items and they love to share them via their free Saturday morning craft classes. This is a fun way to get your young troop together without having to plan anything. Just send an email to the parents and share when you will be there with your daughter and make it known that this is not a drop off event, but an informal gathering. It is perfect for summer meetings!

Here is the most recent schedule of free craft classes from Lakeshore Learning. Keep it bookmarked so you can stay informed as it is updated over the summer!

Friday Freebie-Michael’s Craft Classes

Are you a leader of a young Daisy or Brownie troop who is on a budget? Would you like your girls to get together during the summer or on a Saturday?

Then here is a great Friday Freebie for you!

Your troop can take a free craft class at Michael's Craft stores. Find out what your local store is offering.

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Michael’s Craft Stores has many free and low cost craft classes for children (Low cost is about $2.00 per child). You do not need to make reservations, you just have to show up at the time of the class. Every month there are different offerings, so you can catch one that fits your child’s interest and ability level.

You can view the Classes and Events calendar here

Girl Scout Friday Freebie Williams-Sonoma Junior Cooking Classes

If you are looking for a free field trip with your Girl Scout troop that can also help you earn a cooking badge, then I have the place for you! Williams-Sonoma has free classes every month.

Need a fun and free field trip for your Girl Scout troop? Free kids cooking classes are available for your troop to take!

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You can see what is available in your area by heading over to the store’s website and checking out what free Junior cooking classes they have available. Call ahead to see how many children can attend and maybe you can arrange to have it done at a time that works for your troop.

Your girls can use this free cooking class towards earning a badge!

Girl Scout Friday Freebie Perfect for Cookie Season

Help your girls earn financial badges and leaves with this Girl Scout Friday Freebie.


This week’s Friday Freebie comes from the Federal Reserve Bank in St. Louis. Learning about money is an important skill set, and now that cookie season is upon us, this free program can help you earn your cookie selling, money related badges.

The program is for all levels-just scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the age group you are looking for.

You can find the information here.

Friday Freebie Girl Scout Paw Patch Program

Happy New year and welcome back to the Friday Freebie!

This Girl Scout free patch program comes from Kitten Krazy in Ohio.

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This week’s free Girl Scout program comes from Kitten Krazy in Medina, Ohio. There are printable directions for leaders.  T he requirements include a tour of the facility, but if you are not in the area, I am sure you can tour a local shelter to fulfill this requirement. Then there is a listing of five things to do, and only one needs to be fulfilled to earn the patch. Leaders can buy an inexpensive fun patch if you do not live locally; those in the Kitten Krazy area have to contact the coordinator to receive your free badges.