World Thinking Day Party Supplies

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World Thinking Day Party Supplies for you meeting or Council event.

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Is your service unit hosting a World Thinking Day event? Here are some supplies that will make your event more festive. If someone in your unit has Amazon Prime, this will get to you in two days!

Free Printable Passports for World Thinking Day

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Girl Scout World Thinking Day is less than a month away! Now is the time to get some things ready for your troop meeting.

Free printable passports for Girl Scout World Thinking Day

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One item many leaders love to use are passports, especially if your troop is studying another country. Here are resource for free printable passports that you can use with your girls.

Cotton Ridge Homeschool

Activity Village (different templates)

Global Adventures

Girl Scout World Thinking Day 2017 #LetsGrow

The theme for Girl Scout World Thinking Day 2017 has been announced, and it is Grow. The point is for girls to literally and figuratively plant “seeds of change” by their actions.

The theme for Girl Scout World Thinking Day 2017 is Let's Grow. Resources are now available.

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While I know WTD is not until late February, the resources and information are now available. You can download the booklet from the WAGGS website here. Activities that your troop can do can be found on this page.

Have fun planning your troop’s events!

World Thinking Day Idea for Japan-Make Your Own Sushi!

One of the things that I enjoy is being in the kitchen with my children. I am a firm believer in giving your children skill sets so that one day they will leave the nest and be able to do things for themselves. One of the most important skill sets for me is teaching my children his or her way around the kitchen.

I am in no way a foodie, and I keep our meals simple and easy to prepare. But there is one food that all three of my children love-sushi! Feeding sushi to a family of five, with one being a teenage boy-is costly. Since we enjoy being in the kitchen together, my kids decided to try and make their own sushi.

I purchased a sushi making kit for my son as a gift and he was eager to use it. My husband took the kids to Whole Foods to purchase the necessary ingredients. They had a blast making it and the next time they decided to do it, my younger daughter invited a friend to join us and she had a great time as well.

Here is sushi that my children made. It was easy and can be incorporated into a World Thinking Day activity and as part of a cooking badge as well.

Photo by Hannah Gold

This project can be used not only for World Thinking Day, but as part of earning a cooking badge. There is a food related badge for every level. For Cadettes, it is New Cuisine. I can see us earning this badge over the summer as a fun activity.

Do you do any food activities for World Thinking Day?

World Thinking Day 2016 Resources

World Thinking Day 2016 Resources for leaders

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In five weeks, Girl Scouts around the world will be celebrating World Thinking Day 2016. The theme is “Connect” and this is so important in this day and age. We have so many false connections thanks to social media. Trying to make true connections is what we as Girl Scout leaders should be striving for.

If you are wondering how to incorporate World Thinking Day with your meeting plan, have no fear! The GSUSA has ideas for you!
Here is the GSUSA’s World Thinking Day 2016’s website. You will find what kinds of connections the movement wants girls to make. If you scroll to the bottom and click on the “Daisies, Brownies, Juniors” tab, there is a list of activities that your girls can do to earn this patch. (Which, by the way, you should order early as they tend to run out as the date approaches. Contact your local Council store to place your order.)
On the WAGGGs website, there is a downloadable activity packet for leaders. You can find it here.
Need more ideas for your meeting? Here are a few more resources for you to use.

What country are you studying for World Thinking Day 2016?