How to Earn Brownie Girl Scout Plants Try It Badge

With spring in the air, this is a time is a good time to help your girls earn the Brownie Girl Scout Plants Try It badge. Taking care of plants and nature is an integral part of scouting. As part of the Girl Scout Law, Brownies promise to make the world a better place, and by planting food and flowers, they are fulfilling that promise.

How to Earn Brownie Girl Scout Plants Try It Badge

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This would be a great opportunity to take a field trip to a local nursery or to have a florist or landscaper come and speak to the girls about plants and nature.  A community service project that ties in perfectly with this patch is to plant flowers at the school you meet in or in a nearby park.  It ties in beautifully with Earth Day on April 22nd.

There are many activities outlined in the Brownie Try It Handbook and in this article to Earn the Plants Try It badge.

Happy Spring!

How to Earn the Around the World Brownie Try It Badge

Earning the Brownie Girl Scout Around the World Try It badge is one way that the girls can learn about other cultures and about each other. Girl Scouts exist not just in the United States, but around the world. In other countries, Girl Scouts are also called Girl Guides, Bluebirds, and Little Wings, to name just a few.
How to Earn the Around the World Brownie Try It Badge
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Of the four required activities for the Brownie Girl Scout Around the World Try It patch, two can be done at home. In fact, this is a great patch to earn at end the year. Because one of the activities involves bringing food to the meeting, it will have to be cooked at home under parental supervision.

Another time that you can do this patch is in February for World Thinking Day. This is a special Girl Scout day that involves doing crafts from other countries so the girls can think about other Girl Scouts and show their appreciation for them.

For more activities to earn this badge, read

How to Earn the Brownie Girl Scout Around the World Try It Patch

There are many patches in the last section of the Brownie Try It handbook that tie in with this one.  You can actually do an International Day and earn several patches in one meeting!


How to Earn the Brownie Colors and Shapes Try It Badge

My troop loves arts and crafts projects!  Earning the Colors and Shapes Try It patch is one that they will love.  You can either earn this in two meetings or in one, the choice is yours.  If you want to do it in one meeting, then you can count the Art special that the school offers as one activity.  The girls learn quite a bit about colors and shapes.

How to Earn the Brownie Colors and Shapes Try It Badge

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Because Brownies are older than Daisy Scouts, they can do three art projects in one session if your meeting is long enough.  For my troop, since we do the Perpetual Girl Scout Scrapbook,  I count that as an activity.  The girls need to design the pages they create.  We only have to do two during our meeting to earn this patch.

Any art projects that you choose can meet the Colors and Shapes Try It requirements.  You can do the suggestions from the Try It Handbook, or you can try some other ideas.  Either way, your girls will have a blast earning the Colors and Shapes Try It badge!

How to Earn the Brownie Art to Wear Try It Badge

The Brownie Art to Wear Try It badge is one that will take two meetings to earn.  Since your troop will be making wearable art, you want them to enjoy the experience and take their time.
How to earn the Brownie Art to Wear Try It
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Before undertaking this Try It, think about what you want your girls to make.  Some choices are:

  • Shorts
  • Tee shirts
  • Visors
  • Hat
  • Tote bags
  • Barrettes, scrunchies and other hair accessories
  • Pins
  • Bracelets

If you choose shorts or tee shirts, be sure to email the parents in advance to get the correct size for each girl.  Because these are more involved crafts, you are going to want some volunteers to assist your co-leader and you.

You can divide the meeting into two stations, so you only have half of the girls working on one project at a time.  Do as much prep work and organizing before the meeting so there is more time to craft and less time giving out materials.

Girls are going to love earning the Brownie Art to Wear Try It badge!

Another Website for Easy Girl Scout Crafts and Time Fillers

Whenever I have my Girl Scout meetings, I like to have one or two backup activities for my girls to do.  No matter how you plan, sometimes the craft or activity gets done sooner than you estimated.  Other times, you have girls who finish early. As a teacher and a Girl Scout Leader, one thing I have learned is that if you do not overplan, you will have problems.

A good teacher and leader always overplans so there is no down time for the girls.  Down time equals trouble, which creates management issues.

For my troop, I typically have a coloring page or theme related word search for them to do.

Girl Scout Meeting Time Fillers

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I also stumbled upon this website while planning a recent meeting.  It uses paper to create objects.  While you co-leader or parent volunteer is working with the other girls, you can do these papercrafts with the ones who are done.

Be sure to practice a few times before the meeting and have a sample ready for the girls to see!

This link to the Instructables website will take you directly to the section with assorted papercrafts.  They have more difficult ones for older girls, and easier ones for younger girls!