Girl Scout Leader Meetings…Should I Stay or Should I Go?

One of the responsibilities of being a troop leader is attending the monthly Leader Meetings. If you have a co-leader, you can take turns attending if getting out is a hassle.

Some months, all I was able to do was pick up the contents of my folder and leave. I felt badly, but my kids are not the kind to sit quietly through an adult meeting (and some of the adults attending are not able to sit quietly, either!)

Last night, our meeting was really informative and hope it is structured that way more often.

After discussing the cookie sale, we broke into “levels” discussion groups-Daisy, Brownie, Junior. Much like the cross-town grade level meetings I attended as an elementary school teacher, I learned so much from our discussion. I was surrounded by women who had the same questions as I did, who needed ideas like I do, who had ideas that worked for them.

If your Leader Meetings are not giving you the information you need, perhaps suggesting levels discussions at every other meeting to your local council would be beneficial. Havng one person in charge of your level, who can coordinate the information shared, will help all of us be more successful leaders.

Your Very First Daisy Girl Scout Meeting

One of the things that makes leaders nervous is the actual meeting. As the leader, you are walking a fine line between parent and teacher. If you are the troop leader for your daughter, chances are that you know several of the girls in your troop already. The meeting is formal, but not as formal as a classroom setting. It is also not a play date, but it also has to be fun.

You cannot have chaos, either. Control is key to making your meeting fun for all and manageable for you as the leader.

This article will help you with your very first Daisy Girl Scout meeting!

I Am Ready to Help You!

After months of thinking about it, I have finally decided to write a blog about my Girl Scout Leader experience.

In October 2008, our local Girl Scout Council had a “Round-Up” at our school. Seated at a table with a few other kindergarten moms, all were interested in having their daughters become scoutsbut no one wanted to be the leader! After some discussion, I made the decision to be the leader, as long as everyone else agreed to help out (which lucky for me, everyone did!)

From that point on, I learned everything on my own. It wasn’t easy going, which is why I want to help others who have chosen to be their daughter’s leader.