Ready Made Girl Scout Swap Kits From Mini Me Crafts

In my previous post, I shared some of the wonderful crafts Elizabeth Chick sent to me from her website Mini Me Crafts.  Today I will show you the ready made Girl Scout Swap kits she has for sale at very reasonable prices.

Mini Me Crafts
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The following review is based on my own personal experiences with Mini Me Crafts.  I have not been reimbursed for this review, nor are any of the links affiliate links.  I want to support my fellow Girl Scout leaders and mompreneurs.

Photos of the crafts are copyrighted by me and may not be used without written permission.

The ” I Love Girl Scouts” Swap kit is very simple to make-my daughter, who is almost ten, put it together rather quickly.  Younger Daisies will need help.  It is a great first Swap for Daisies or a quick craft for older girls.  They can attach it to their backpacks and share with everyone in school that they love being a Girl Scout!

My daughter had a ball putting the First Aid kit together!  This is the perfect Swap for camping trips or for field trips.
My daughter also loved putting the Dunk Bag Swap kit together.  It comes with three wooden pieces to decorate with permanent marker, paint or stickers.  A clothes pin and mesh bag are also included.  This is another Swap that is perfect for Girl Scout camping!
The kit as it comes.
My daughter used permanent marker to decorate her set.

Thank you, Elizabeth, for sending these terrific crafts!  Her kits are perfect for busy leaders who do not have time create their own Girl Scout Swap kits on their own.  The prices are right and so is her shipping.

If you decide to buy something from her, please let Elizabeth know you read about it on this blog!


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