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For those of you who are not looking forward to doing the Journey program, your local Girl Scout Council can help you!  In the mail, I recently received a brochure for all of my Council’s programs from October through March.  Interestingly, there is a Journey program for the Brownie and Junior levels of scouting.  Your girls can spend three afternoons completing their Journey, earning their patches, and for Juniors, earning the ability to go for the Bronze Award.

This is a huge plus for leaders, who do not have to spend their free time redoing the Journey to make it more interesting.  It also frees up meeting time for earning badges, doing community service projects, or just doing a fun craft for the sake of doing one!

If this kind of event interest you, promote it with your troop via emails.  If enough girls do not register, the program will be cancelled.  If too many register, your girls will be locked out of it.  Girls who do not attend can do that Journey on their own if they are so inclined.

I am looking into this for my troop!

2 thoughts on “Spend the Day and Complete a Journey”

  1. Even 3 afternoons can be a lot (esp during fall sports!) but I like this idea. A year or so ago, several leaders hosted a Journey weekend, where the girls basically had a camping weekend and knocked a lot of the journey out within that weekend. But they were pretty far away (2-3 hrs), and at the time, I had a younger troop who weren’t going for a medal award… Now that I have Juniors, this would appeal IF it was more local, but I haven’t seen it offered again… so we are doing it on our own, at our meetings, and I am condensing it – I hope they will be done by Christmas, so then we can move on to bigger and better (more fun) things! =)

  2. I know what you mean. A few of my girls have sports, and others competitive dance. I liked the idea, but will not worry if it cannot get done this year. Let us know how you condensed your Journey so it can be shared!

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