Our December Community Service Project to Help the Homeless

Because we had a fifth Friday in November, we only had one meeting scheduled for the month of December.  It has been our troop’s tradition that we do a community service project during this month, and with a short time to prepare, I had to think fast!

I decided to once again participate in a project that involves my synagogue and 30 area churches.  For two weeks, these houses of worship host a group of a dozen homeless men.  They are taken to doctors for all kinds of check ups, go on field trips to the movies or to the gym, and given job counseling.

I had wanted the girls to visit and play games with the guys, but the timing did not work out for us.

Instead, we donated a dozen bags of snacks and made the them holiday presents.

On my last trip to Michael’s, I found plain white gift bags-13 to a pack for $6.99.  With my 50% off coupon, I was able to buy exactly what I needed.  I also picked up a bucket of winter peel and stick foam shapes.

In Walmart, I bought each man a pair of heavy dress socks, a wash cloth, soap, winter themed plastic cup and candy.  At the Dollar Store, I bought clear cellophane bags.

*All photos by Hannah Gold

At our meeting, my troop and I talked about the project.  They decorated the bags first and made cards.  At a separate table, they took a pair of socks and wrapped it with a ribbon (one of my girl’s ideas!).

Then they filled the cups with two candy canes and chocolate and wrapped it in the cellophane bag.

I will be delivering them to my synagogue next week so that the men know that there are others thinking about them.

What service project did you do for the holiday season?

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