Discontinued Girl Scout Badges Just 25 Cents!

Once again, I want to thank the women who are on the Girl Scout Moms forum for their invaluable help.   I had been searching for the Sew Simple Junior Badge for my daughter on Ebay  (to date, no luck!) and was looking for other online sources.

A post from late March led me to the Girl Scouts Heart of the South online store, where they are selling discontinued Try It’s and all other Junior and upper level badges for a quarter!  While they did not have the badge I was looking for, they did have six of the ten my daughter wants to earn over the summer.  I just sent an email and am awaiting a response on shipping and how to pay.

junior clip art
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There are varying quantities, but this is certainly a cheap way for you to get badges for your daughter, if you have a small troop, or are looking for just one or two more badges for your girls.

Let me know if they had what you needed!

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  1. When I became a leader a few years ago, I was given a bag of Brownie badges from another leader. My girls are now Juniors and since the program changed I don’t have anyone else to pass them along to. So I have lots of the old Try-its that you can have for free, let me know what you need and I will see if I have it!

    1. That is very generous of you, Jodie! We are Juniors, so we do not need those. Does someone in your Council need them? If not, you can post about it int he Girl Scout Moms forum. There are many leaders who are still using the old program.

      1. Hello! I wanted to see if you still have old Try-its that you mentioned in your posting? I have a 3rd grade Brownie Troop in Virginia and we have worked on many Try-its this year and need to find the badges. I greatly appreciate if you could email me either way.
        Thank you so much!
        Kelley Helms
        Clifton, Virginia

    2. Jodie, do you still have some of the brownie try it badges?? My daughter is going to be a brownie and I am trying to get as many of the old try its as I can.


  2. Aloha,
    I just ordered the retired sewing badges for my Brownies who are going to “Make Their Own” sewing badges this summer. I found them on Etsy for $5.00.

  3. I’m looking for 5 Celebrating People junior badges for my girls. I need them by the end of the week, can anyone assist?

  4. Hi, I am currently in OKC for work and just visited the Girl Scouts of Western Oklahoma Girl Scout Shop. If you are looking for retired badges (Daisy through Senior) they have plenty and all are currently on clearance for 25cents. They have a bag of nearly 30 of the Junior “celebrating people badge” that Danielle was looking for her troop. Give them a call.

  5. I am disappointed that there is no crafting badge for Juniors. I want our girls to sew/knit or crochet. I even have a shop that we can work in. Any suggestions on a badge? How about a site that gives us some steps on what to do….Thx!

  6. Google “Retired Girl Scout Badges” and you will find that many Council still have Try-its and Junior badges (and some older girl badges) still available. Indiana is a good one to check as is Wisconsin. There are more Junior badges than any other. Ebay is also flush with badges – but at a price. Good luck. Too bad they discontinued these valuable resources for our girls.

    1. These are all great resources. I also belong to two Facebook groups that sell and swap badges for very low cost. I managed to get some ones that I needed for a fraction of eBay prices.

        1. There is Girl Scout Swap/Sell, Girl Scout Badge Swap and Fun Patches to Buy and Sell. You have to ask to join. Hope these help!

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