Crafts for Your Girl Scout Winter Party

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Easy Winter Crafts for Your Girl Scout Meeting!

Looking at the calendar, I find it hard to believe we are in mid-November. While I do miss the fun and sunshine of the warm summer months, there is a lot of merriment during this time of year. First of all, I love the Thanksgiving holiday, as it is truly the most American celebration next to Independence Day.  Being grateful for what we have in our lives is a part of all religions, not just one.  It is certainly at a time to think about helping others as we bask in what we have in our lives.

Then December rolls around with both Hanukkah and Christmas occurring this month.  Our personal lives get wrapped up in our own holiday preparations, from decorating our homes, purchasing and wrapping presents, and celebrating and participating in events at our houses of worship or at someone else’s home.  Planning another Girl Scout meeting is just one more thing to do on our already overflowing plates.  After all, if you are a Girl Scout leader, there is a strong possibility that you also volunteer your time elsewhere. It is just in our nature to help others!

Your girls will be extra enthusiastic about all of the wonderful things that will be taking place, as they are children and they are filled with the awe and wonder of the holiday, not the stress and demands that we, as adult women, face.

During my years as a leader, we did not focus on what we could give and get each other.  The girls in my troop have plenty, and I wanted the to focus to be on giving to others who are less fortunate.  

However, during our first year of Daisies, we celebrated by making a craft for our families.

I want to emphasize here that whatever craft activity you choose, if you have girls in your troop who celebrate different religions, you must do a project that is non-denominational. Girl Scouts is an inclusive organization and was created to be just that. It is uncomfortable for a Jewish child or a Muslim child to make Christmas ornaments.  Leave that to Sunday School, if these girls attend one.

Below are some craft kits to make your busy life easier and will not cause any girl in your troop to feel funny while making it. If you choose to do a service project, some of these can be included in the packages that you make. They are all from Amazon and come in sets of 12.



Snowman Photo Frame Magnet Craft Kit (12 Count) – Christmas/Crafts for Kids & Photo Crafts 


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