How to Make a Girl Scout Sit Upon

Making a Girl Scout Sit Upon is easy to do!
Photo by Hannah Gold. All rights reserved.

It is fun to make a Girl Scout Sit Upon.  With just a skein of yarn, a needle for each girl, a dollar store tablecloth and a few volunteers, this handy seat can be taken on all of your Girl Scout adventures!

Prep Work

Cut the tablecloths into large rectangles like shown in the first picture.

Cut yarn and place masking tape at the ends so it threads easily.

*All photos taken by me. All rights reserved.

Step 1 on how to make a Girl Scout Sit Upon

Cut the plastic table cloth so you have eight rectangles.  Do this before your meeting.

Step 1

Have the girls fold their piece of table cloth so both ends touch. Place a staple in the middle of two of the three sides. You do not want to use pins, and the staples will hold the tablecloth side in place.

Have the girls thread the yarn through the needles and make a knot at the end of it.

Have them do a running stitch. We originally tried a whip stitch, and it was hard for my daughter to do.

Use a running stitch to sew together the sit upon.Use a running stitch for the first two sides.  Place a staple in the middle of them to secure them in place.

Step 2

Continue with the running stitch on one side and the top. When you get to the third side (which has no staple), crumple up five to seven pieces of newspaper and stuff It inside. Then staple the middle of that side and finish with the running stitch.

Making a Girl Scout sit upon is inexpensive and easy for girls to do.

Stuff the open side with five to seven sheets of crumpled newspaper.

The Sit Upon will be puffy. Have the girls sit on it to crush it down.

Finished Girl Scout sit upon

The finished product. It will flatten out once the girls sit upon it!

Write each girls name on it in a Sharpie. If you want, you can have them decorate the Sit Upon with different colored Sharpie markers.

If you wish to cover the stitches, then you can have the girls cover them with duct tape.

You can have the girls bring them home and hope they do not toss them, or you can take them and store the Sit Upons for the next time you need them. If you are letting the girls take them home, send a note to the parents to put them in a safe place.

Making a Sit Upon is a fun Girl Scout activity!

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  1. For a moment there, I thought I might learn how to make a whoopee cushion. Sounds like a good idea (esp. when camping) to have one of these Sit Upons to, ah . . sit upon.

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