Our Girl Scout Cookie Sales

This is our second year selling cookies as Cadettes. We are down to five girls from last year’s eleven, so things are a lot more mellow.

We had our cookie meeting last month and all parents were there to get their cookies and materials. Four of the five girls were also in attendance, and they had to decide to forgo the rewards for a higher profit per box. Because they had only seriously sold Girl Scout cookies once, they did not have prize burn out. They wanted to earn their rewards!

Here is how our Cadette Girl Scout cookie sales are going-with no drama!

Photo by Hannah Gold

There are many ways that troops deal with incentivesBecause we are a very tight-knit group who have been together for eight years. there is no competition. Our Cookie Mom ordered 1,000 boxes of cookies. Between booths and personal sales, each girl will get to the 200 level and earn the sweatshirt.

Easy peasy!

Everyone is doing all the booths (with five girls they are easy to fill) and trying their hardest at sales. They are all so close in numbers that they can all work as a TEAM to earn the sweatshirt. Presently, we have about 100 boxes left to sell before we get to the goal. With another booth sale at a busy venue next week, that should be easy to accomplish.

My next few posts about Girl Scout cookie sales will be about topics that are on the minds of leaders. I have read many upsetting discussions on forums and Facebook groups, and I feel that many leaders sometimes forget in all the stress of cookie selling that this is FOR THE GIRLS.

How are your Girl Scout cookie sales going?

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  1. This year my 7th graders said they wanted the additional profit instead of incentives. BUT when I crunched the numbers in our council you get a choice at a certain boxes sold of either incentive or $5 gift certificate to the GS store. If we would have taken just the additional profit we would have made an additional $31 but we took the incentives and choose the $5 gc and ended up with $45 towards our end of year award purchasing. Plus the girls still get the first few incentives. This only worked out because each girl sold nearly the same amount of boxes.

    1. For us, the difference was $60 or $12 per girl. Not a large amount of money, so we three leaders decided to let them try for prizes.

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