Girl Scout Kaper Chart Resources

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Leaders both old and new will need to create a Kaper Chart for their troop. In this blog post, I outlined the various jobs and why it is important to have such a chart. Girls need to be responsible for participating in the running of the meeting, no matter what age they are.

There are only four basic items you need for making a Girl Scout Kaper chart.

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Here are four basic things you need to make a Kaper chart.

A basic cardboard trifold is all you need to create the perfect Girl Scout Kaper chart.

Trifold Available on Amazon

You will also need Velcro circles.

Velcro circles for your Girl Scout Kaper chart.

Velcro Circles from Amazon

There are a variety of library pocket cards that you can use to adhere the Velcro.

Library pocket cards for Girl Scout kaper chart

These card holders and others are available on Amazon.

Last, you will need note cards for the name of each girl.

Keep it simple when you are making a Girl Scout kaper chart. While it is nice to have a pretty one, it is not necessary to spend your precious time and energy making it. Spend that on the actual meeting!

What jobs do you have on your Kaper chart?

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