Today Only-50% Off Girl Scout Stickers at Zazzle

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With Cookie sales in full swing and Girl Scout World Thinking Day in a month, here is an opportunity to get some fun Girl Scout themed stickers from Zazzle at half price!

Your troop can use these stickers to place on cookie boxes, order forms, and thank you notes. World Thinking Day stickers can be used as a favor for your troop or Service Unit event.

The stickers come in different shapes and can be personalized for your troop. They typically come in sheets of 20. Use the promo code PERFECTPAIR2 at checkout.

Here are some of the cool choices leaders have.

Girl Scout World Thinking Day Stickers

World Thinking Day Classic Round Sticker

World Thinking Day Classic Round Sticker

by TodaysEvent


Girl Scout Cookie Stickers

Ready Made Girl Scout Swap Kits for World Thinking Day 2018

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One of the three main Girl Scout holidays falls square in the middle of many Council’s Girl Scout cookie selling season. It is a very busy and stressful time for leaders, and for many, they are doing it all. From planning meetings to doing cookie booths, leaders do not need one more thing to plan or create.

World Thinking Day is celebrated on February 22nd each year. The GSUSA website has activities that girls from 146 countries around the world can do together. Another option that many leaders choose is to select one country and focus a meeting around it.

In a blog post from my Daisy site, I created an EASY five step meeting plan for leaders of any level to use. One part of the guide is step four, the craft. An easy, no brainer, inexpensive craft to do is to make a Swap based on the country you selected.

Making Friends has many countries available. Here are just a few.

For a complete list of countries available for World Thinking Day Swap Kits, you can find them here. You will need to scroll down a bit before you get the the kits for WTD.

(Note: All photos are being used with permission)

France World Thinking Day Swap

Available on eBay

Madagascar World Thinking Day Swap Kit

Available on eBay

Mexico World Thinking Day Swap kit

Available on eBay

World Thinking Day 2018 Resources for Leaders

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Girl Scout World Thinking Day, which takes place each year on February 22nd, is celebrated around the world by both Girl Scouts and Girl Guides. It is one of the three Girl Scout holidays on the calendar that are meant to be celebrated with your troop.

While it is a month away, it is never to early to plan your meeting. Planning in advance takes away a lot of the stress of what you are going to do with your girls. Here are resources for World Thinking Day 2018 for the theme “Impact”-having a strong effect on something or someone.

Girl Scout World Thinking Day 2018 resources for leaders

Photo created on Canva

World Thinking Day Award Activities

Girls can earn a patch that is worn on the front of the vest. The activities that the girls must complete are separated by level and can be found on the Girl Scouts of the USA website.  Click on the arrow tab to find your troop’s level.

WAGGGS World Thinking Day Activity Pack

WAGGGS stands for World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. Impact is the last of the trio of themes, the first two being Connect (2016) and Grow (2017). You can download the 2108 WAGGGS activity pack here. Other WAGGGS resources can be found on this page.

Free Printable World Thinking Day Passports

Free Printable Passports for World Thinking Day 2018

Photo from Pixabay

In this blog post, I have listed several sites where you can download and print free passports for your girls to make. All links work as of 1.4.2018.

Games for World Thinking Day

Playing games with your girls is another way to have them learn about the culture of the country they are studying. Here are some resources.

Games Kids Play

Traditional Children’s Games from Around the World

10 Fun Games from Around the World

Games That School Children Play Around the World

Games from Around the World

Swaps for World Thinking Day

Mexico World Thinking Day Swap kit

(photo used with permission)

This and other countries available on eBay

Swap Kits are an easy craft to do with your country of study. Making Friends sells many of them and you have no work to do! These are great for busy leaders.

Food for World Thinking Day

Be sure to add a flavorful food to finish off your meeting. You can find many easy recipes online that kids will enjoy.

What is your troop doing for World Thinking Day?

A Short Video About Cookie Selling from GSUSA

I discovered this wonderful video from the GSUSA on YouTube. Do not be taken aback by the 2013 date…the message still holds up and applies today. It drives home the point I have tried to make for years that girls should not get kudos for selling cookies that their parents or other family members sold for them. Yes, the troop benefits from the profits, but the child does not learn anything other than that she gets a bigger prize than the others who sold less.

I will always believe that the girl who sells 25 boxes on her own is a top seller…not the girl who “sold” 500 boxes because others sold the cookies for her.