How My Brownie Troop Earned the First Aid Try It Badge

by Hannah on May 10, 2012

For our very last Brownie Girl Scout Try It, we earned the First Aid badge.  When my older daughter was a Brownie, she had made her own first aid kit we used it for years.

I went to Michael’s and bought shiny glitter pencil boxes that came to 80 cents each with my coupon.  I bought cotton balls, Q-tips and sandwich bags at Walmart. My friend’s mother works in a pediatrician’s office, so she gave me sample sizes of Band Aids, Neosporin, Children’s Advil and some hand wash.  I typed up these Firs Aid rules and fit three to a page.  I cut them with fancy edged scissors.

First Aid Rules
1.     Call 911 in an emergency-especially if the person cannot speak or move.
2.    For scrapes and cuts, wash the wound if possible, use an ointment and cover with a band aid.  Use gloves if available.
3.    Apply the pressure to stop the bleeding.
4.    If someone has fallen do not move him/her.  Cover the person with a blanket or coat if one is nearby.

At our meeting, we talked about what first aid was and different ways to help other people in need.  We also talked about how we should keep ourselves safe.

Then we went over everything in the kit and how it should be used.

The girls wrote their names in the bottom with a Sharpie and wrote “First Aid” on the lid.  Then my co-leader and I handed out the items for them to put into their kits.  I had them count out ten cotton balls and twenty Q-tips and put them in a different baggie.

They glued the First Aid rules to the bottom of the kit.  Make sure they put glue only in the corners or the other items will stick and get wet!

Our finished First Aid kit!

Enjoy this activity with your troop!