Silver Award from Troop 3763-A Special Guest Post

Nothing makes me smile more than seeing a troop stay together through the years.  In January 2012, I had my first guest post from Girl Scout troop 3763.  In two different parts, they shared how they earned the Bronze Award.

Imagine my surprise when early this summer, their troop leader contacted me again to ask if I would share their Silver Award project on my blog.

I was thrilled not only to help, but to see that they were all still together.

Here is their write-up in the troop’s own words.

Troop 3763 Silver Award Project

To begin our Silver Award project, our troop worked through the Media Journey book, which we finished in the fall of the girls’ seventh grade year. During the journey, the girls saw how media portrays unrealistic and stereotypical ideas of beauty, and decided that for their Take Action project, they wanted to address that issue. They wanted to show other girls that even though the influence of media is powerful and widespread, every girl has the power to define her own beauty.

As a troop, we discussed several options of how to go about this Take Action project. One idea was to create our own magazine. Another idea was to set up a Girl Scout workshop on beauty. In the end, the girls decided to create a Public Service Announcement (PSA) video that would make a statement about the true meaning of beauty.

We started with intense research, pouring over dozens of magazines, articles, songs, and current events that represented media’s influence on perception of beauty. Then we broke up into smaller groups, and each group brainstormed over storyboard ideas for the video. Then the groups came back together and as a troop, we decided which scene ideas to use for the video and which order the scenes should follow. Finally, we got to work creating the video.

This project required lots of different jobs, like research, writing script, interviewing the public, documenting data, filming, lighting, creating and setting up props, and of course, creating and editing the video in iMovie. This diversity of tasks provided an opportunity for each girl’s individual talent and leadership ability to shine

Our PSA was finished in the spring of the girls’ eighth grade year, which means it took about one full school-year of meetings to create and complete the PSA. The girls of Troop 3763 learned a lot about beauty during the making of their video. I don’t think their perceptions of beauty will ever be the same. They also learned about teamwork, leadership, and all the little details involved in the making of a PSA.

The process of this project was as rewarding for the leaders as it was for the girls. For all Cadettes and future Cadettes out there who are thinking about going on a journey and doing a Take Action project for their Silver Award, I say go for it, and stick with it. You’ll be glad you did.

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