Girl Scout Bridging Party Ideas

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Is your Girl Scout troop bridging this year? If the answer is yes, then now is the time to start planning the ceremony (this blog post about Girl Scout bridging has ideas for all levels of scouts.)

One thing that will really make the party special is how you decorate. The rainbow is representative of bridging, and therefor the theme of your celebration should be this very colorful one! There is no need for overkill…just pick a few select items and pair them with various solid colors.

Here are some fun ideas for decorations to create the perfect Girl Scout bridging ceremony celebration!

Because this is for a Girl Scout ceremony, troop funds should pay for the decor. Leaders should not be expected to foot the bill for party decorations. You devote more than enough time and energy without having to spend your own money.

Rainbow Party Decorations

A few choice pieces sets the theme!

Rainbow Themed Paper Goods

Rainbow Party Accessories

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