Girl Scout Christmas Ornaments Are a Keepsake

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For those of you reading who celebrate Christmas, you know how much fun it is to open up your boxes of ornaments and take a trip down memory lane. From your childhood favorites to last year’s vacation souvenirs, your ornament collection is a reflection of the life you have lived.

Personalized Christmas ornaments for Girl Scouts

Photo from Pixabay

Now you can start a collection for your daughter or granddaughter who is a Girl Scout. There are Girl Scout Christmas ornaments for girls of all levels. These can be personalized with photos and the year. When you check out an image, you can also see what other shapes the ornament comes in. It can be a circle, square, heart, star or other shape.

Daisy Girl Scout Christmas Ornaments

Many of these ornaments come in different skin tones and hair colors, not just what you see here.


Daisy Scout Photo Ornament

Daisy Scout Photo Ornament

by Scrappintwins

Brownie Girl Scout Christmas Ornaments



Junior Girl Scout Christmas Ornaments


Cadette Girl Scout Christmas Ornaments

Girl Scout Christmas Ornaments 2017

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If you are a Girl Scout leader with a daughter or granddaughter and want to give her a Christmas ornament that has meaning, then here are some that will make her smile from year to year each time she takes them out of the box.

Girl Scout Trefoil Ornament

 Department 56 Girl Scouts Trefoil Oath Hanging Ornament

Available on Amazon

Daisy Girl Scout Christmas Ornaments

Department 56 Girl Scouts Daisy Cookie Time Hanging Ornament

Available on Amazon

Department 56 Girl Scouts Daisy Personalizable Hanging Ornament

Available on Amazon


Department 56 Girl Scouts of America Daisy the Artist Hanging Ornament, 3 inch

Available on Amazon

Brownie Girl Scout Christmas Ornament

Here is another Brownie Girl Scout Christmas ornament. You may be able to personalize the trefoil with a gold or silver Sharpie.

Available on Amazon

Girl Scout Junior Christmas Ornaments

Department 56 Girl Scouts of America Junior Scientist Hanging Ornament, 3.5 inch

Available on Amazon

Department 56 Girl Scouts of America Junior Naturalist Ornament, 3.5"

Available on Amazon


Department 56 Girl Scout Junior Camping Hanging Ornament

Available on Amazon

Department 56 Girl Scouts Junior Personalizable Hanging Ornament

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Cyber Sale on Zazzle 65% off Girl Scout Stickers Today Only Great for Scrapbooking

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If you are a Girl Scout leader who scrapbooks with her troop, here is a once a year deal that cannot be missed. Zazzle has sheets of Girl Scout stickers for 65% off! That is way less than half price!

Here are just some of the selections from which to choose. There are many more available. You can also order many of them in different shapes like stars or hearts, not just the circle you see on this page. Please read each description carefully for the size of the sticker and how many come per sheet, as each one is different.

Personalized Girl Scout Troop Gifts

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It is that time of year when leaders across the Facebook pages and forums that I read ask each other whether or not to give their troop a gift for the holiday season. This is a personal choice, and there is no right or wrong answer to it. In my ten years as a leader, I have never given my the girls in my troop a holiday gift. I believe that the time and energy that I have devoted to them each and every year since kindergarten is my gift.

Inexpensive personalized gifts leaders can give their Girl Scout troops

Photo from Pexels

If you do decide to give your girls a present, my only concern is that you give gifts that are inclusive. Not everyone celebrates Christmas, so if you plan on giving your girls a gift, give them something they can use and appreciate.

Before you buy a gift for your troop, discuss with your co-leader what the cost per girl is that you are willing to spend. If the total is $5.00 per girl, that is $2.50 for each of you.

Here are some personalized gift ideas that you can give to your troop this holiday season that are inexpensive and non-denominational. If you sign up at Current Catalog before you shop, you can get a discount code on your purchase.

Personalized Pencils

Personalized pencils with your troop number on it make a fun gift for Girl Scouts

Available at Current Catalog

These #2 pencils can have up to 30 characters. They come in a set of 6 and you specify the color. Blue is perfect for Daisy Scouts and green can be for Brownies and Juniors. Each set can be ordered per girl as your gift with her name and Troop number or you can order just enough with only your Troop number to put in as part of a gift bag.

Personalized Stickers

Kids love stickers, so why not give them personalized ones? Current Catalog has several different kinds. Again, you can write the girl’s name on it and give that as her gift or you can write something like “I Love Girl Scouts” or “Girl Scouts Rock”.

These heart stickers can be personalized with a girl's name or with a saying like "I lLove Girl Scouts".

Available at Current Catalog

Personalized heart stickers make a great gift.

Available at Current Catalog

You can find other stickers and labels here.

Decorate Your Own Snowman

If you are giving a cello bag filled with goodies, this set of 12 Make a Snowman sticker sheets is a fun little item to put in it.

This Decorate a Snowman stikcer sheet is a fun and inexpensive activity for younger Girl Scout troops.

Available at Current Catalog

There are also many other kinds of sticker sheet background scenes on sale that you could give to your troop. You can find them here.

This Peanuts activity sticker sheet is a great little gift topper or stocking stuffer.

Available at Current Catalog

Personalized Note Cards

A personalized note card is special because it can only belong to one person! This is a special gift and a very affordable one as well.

Personalized note cards make a great gift for children.

This design and others available at Current Catalog

Put it All Together

If you are giving a personalized gift to your Girl Scout troop, you can put it all together in a themed cello bag that comes with its own ties. Add some peppermints and chocolates and you have a simple and meaningful gift to give each girl in your troop.

Put everything in a cello bag or themed gift box with some mints or chocolates and you are done! No fancy wrapping necessary!

Make cello bags of small goodies as gifts to others.

This and other cello bags available at Current Catalog


Put gifts for your troop in these adorable treat boxes-no wrapping necessary!

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Girl Scout Uniforms for 18 Inch American Girl Style Dolls

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If you are a Girl Scout leader, more than likely your daughter inspired you to take on this role. As she bridges to the next level of Girl Scouts, you may wish to buy her something special to celebrate this special moment. This is not the gift you plan on giving your troop when you bridge, but a special something just for her.

There are many Girl Scout uniforms that fits 18 inch American Girl and similar dolls. Here are the ones you can choose from:

Daisy Girl Scouts

Brownie Girl Scout Doll Uniforms

Junior and Cadette Girl Scout Uniforms for Dolls

If your daughter is really into scouting, then this set has five different uniforms from Daisy to Cadette!

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