Girl Scout Uniforms for 18 Inch American Girl Style Dolls

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If you are a Girl Scout leader, more than likely your daughter inspired you to take on this role. As she bridges to the next level of Girl Scouts, you may wish to buy her something special to celebrate this special moment. This is not the gift you plan on giving your troop when you bridge, but a special something just for her.

There are many Girl Scout uniforms that fits 18 inch American Girl and similar dolls. Here are the ones you can choose from:

Daisy Girl Scouts

Brownie Girl Scout Doll Uniforms

Junior and Cadette Girl Scout Uniforms for Dolls

If your daughter is really into scouting, then this set has five different uniforms from Daisy to Cadette!

 Available on Amazon

Gifts for Graduating Girl Scout Ambassadors

Time certainly flies. Once upon a time you were a brand new leader with a young group of Daisy or Brownie Girl Scouts, and now in front of you are a group of young adults who are Ambassador Scouts. From pigtails to prom, these girls have stuck with scouting. Your time together is quickly coming to an end. What should you give your girls as a parting gift that is meaningful to both leader and scout?

You have several options.

What can you get for a young woman in your troop who is graduating high school and is now an adult? There are some great ideas for leaders to use.
By Ed Uthman from Houston, TX, USA (TEL_3088) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Photo created in Pixabay by Hannah Gold

Lifetime Memberships

A gift that is the most expensive, but is the most meaningful, is to give your graduating Ambassadors a Lifetime Membership to the Girl Scouts of the USA. It is much cheaper to do this while the young woman is still in high school, costing $195 versus $375 after she graduates. If you do not have enough money to cover each girl, perhaps her parents can pay the difference and the gift can be from both of you.

Honor Cords

To signify that they were lifelong Girl Scouts and/or earned the Gold Award, girls can wear a special Honor Cord at their high school graduation ceremony. Green is for scouting and green and gold is if they earned the Gold Award. Before purchasing these for your girls, they should first check with their school principal and get it in writing that they are okay to wear.

Once you see that it has been approved, you can purchase the cords at Honors Graduation.

Scrapbook or Photo Collage

While this generation is used to storing photos on phones and computers, there is nothing like a photo album or photo collage placed in a gorgeous frame that will provide a lifetime of memories.

If you have been keeping a scrapbook all these years, then you have plenty of photos. Hopefully they are stored on your computer or uploaded to a site so you can create a scrapbook from them. Perhaps you can borrow the child’s Girl Scout scrapbook from her parents so you can scan the photos or take pictures of them to create your personal masterpiece.

If neither of those options are available to you, have your graduating Ambassadors dress in uniform and take individual shots of each girl and then a group photo. Create a photo collage from these pictures for each girl and place it in a frame.

There is always some kind of photo sale at Walgreens. Click on the banner to check out this week’s deals.

Pearl Jewelry

It should be well known by your Ambassadors that the founder of the Girl Scout, Juliette Gordon Low, sold her precious pearl necklace in 1915 to get money to keep the movement going during its early years. While real pearls are more than likely not a part of your budget, you can get some beautiful simulated pearl jewelry to give your graduates. Here are some options that are budget friendly.

Scout Necklace

Here is another inexpensive jewelry option for you.

Here is a gift for a graduating Ambassador Girl Scout.

Available on Amazon

Customize for your troop number.

                                               Available on Amazon

This bracelet is customizable. You get one word charm with your choice of expression and one charm with the girl’s name and her birthstone. The bracelet is adjustable stainless steel.

What do you plan on giving your graduating Ambassadors?

Girl Scout Scrapbook Items 80% Off and Free Shipping

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I was looking online at Walmart and found this incredible deal on a discontinued Girl Scout scrapbooking item. If you have a Junior Girl Scout troop who scrapbooks or you wish to give your girls a present, here is a fantastic Girl Scout gift for them. If you have second year Brownies, you can save these for scrapbooking next year!

On sale for 80% off and free shipping-Jolee's Boutique Sticker Collage 3D Girl Scout Uniform and Cookies Scrapbooking Kit

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You can also buy them in bulk in a 3 pack or 6 pack with even better savings and free shipping.

Find all kinds of discounted Girl Scout items here!

Girl Scout Ornaments 65% Off Black Friday Weekend Sale

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I love to shop, and as my dear friend who can spend any amount on anything she says, “Quality at a discount!”

This weekend only, Zazzle has Girl Scout ornaments (and any other kind of ornament) on sale for 65% off!

Here are some of the dozens of Girl Scout ornament designs you can have for your daughter, granddaughter or favorite scout in your life! These are available in many levels of scouts, in different hair colors and different skin tones. They can all be personalized and are available in shapes other than the ones featured here.

Daisy Girl Scout 


Daisy Scout Sled Dark Skin Ceramic Ornament

Daisy Scout Sled Dark Skin Ceramic Ornament

by SunsetScouts

Brownie Girl Scouts

Junior Girl Scouts


More Fun Girl Scout Themed Gifts

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Following up on my previous post about Girl Scout Christmas ornaments, I came across some more Girl Scout themed gifts to give your daughter or to yourself. These are not Christmas themed so they can be displayed year round.

A fun gift to give your favorite Girl Scout-a figurine of a scout selling cookies.

Girl Scout Cookie Selling Figurine from Amazon

This Girl Scout figurine shows the sisterhood between fellow scouts when they are out playing in the snow.

Snowshoe Fun Girl Scout Sisters from Amazon

This beautiful Girl Scout log cabin figurine makes a wonderful gift to give yourself.

Girl Scout Camp Figurine from Amazon

Are you looking for a little something to give the girls in your troop? Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors will love the shine on their lips from these Lip Smackers (remember how you loved them as a girl?) The sets can be broken up, placed in a cellophane bag with some chocolate Kisses and mints, and you have a low budget gift that the troop will enjoy.

Are you planning on giving your girls a gift this year? What is it?