Journeys Resources for Leaders

This page is going to be devoted to links that I find online that help Girl Scout leaders work with the Journeys Program.  This is a fluid page and links will be added as I find them.  Please contact me if you know of others!  I will be happy to add them.  

Daisy Journeys

Welcome to the Flower Garden

Planting flowers in toilet paper tubes

More Daisy Flower Garden Planning Essentials 

3 Cheers for Animals

Lesson Plans for This Journey from Daisy Scout Journeys Blog 

Brownie Journeys

WOW Journey Helps

Wonders of Water Brownie Journey Review

Wonders of Water Wiki 

Water Cycle Wheel worksheet

Water Cycle Bracelet craft

Water Cycle Bracelet craft II

World Water Monitoring Challenge

Make a Milk Container Watering Can

Ways to Save Water

Water in the Air Experiment Worksheet (scroll to the middle)

Water Absorption Experiment Using Gummy Bears

Wonders of Water Final Project

World of Girls Helps

Girl Scout Leader 101 Blog-A Leader shares her troop’s Journey meeting by meeting


Junior Journeys

AMES Juniors-This is a website of a Junior troop. Read through it for ideas about how they did their Journeys.

4 thoughts on “Journeys Resources for Leaders”

  1. Was wondering if you have an updated resourse/lesson plan list. I can only get one link to work. The others go to pages that don’t have the correct information on them anymore

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Updating this page is on my to do list…All of the links that are here work as I deleted the ones that no longer did. I have tons of ideas on my Pinterest boards for each Journey for every scout level to Cadette. You can click on my Pinterest icon to find the Daisy one if that is what you are looking for.

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