I Am Ready to Help You!

After months of thinking about it, I have finally decided to write a blog about my Girl Scout Leader experience.

In October 2008, our local Girl Scout Council had a “Round-Up” at our school. Seated at a table with a few other kindergarten moms, all were interested in having their daughters become scoutsbut no one wanted to be the leader! After some discussion, I made the decision to be the leader, as long as everyone else agreed to help out (which lucky for me, everyone did!)

From that point on, I learned everything on my own. It wasn’t easy going, which is why I want to help others who have chosen to be their daughter’s leader.

3 thoughts on “I Am Ready to Help You!”

  1. My situation was similiar. My daughter has been a daisy since the beginning with the same leader who was homeschooling an older daughter and has been in the G.S. cicle for a long time either leader or co leading. She later became a good friend well needless to say, she no longer decided to lead our troop wanted to continue and noonne wanted the responsibility, so… i took over with alot of help from our service unit manager and several other leaders who have been around. I’m not very creative but i try. We have a meeting once a month due to all the girls other activities. I am always open to new ideas!

  2. Hi Roxie! I hope I can be of some help. I will be writing about ideas that worked that are simple, not expensive, and most of all FUN! I am curious…how did you find this blog? I hope that if you find it useful, you will pass it along to your Unit Manager and others on the service team.

    I put a list of helpful websites along the side. I am learning how to do this every day! Thank you for following!

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