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If you are a brand new Daisy or Brownie Girl Scout leader, you are required to take Girl Scout leader training classes.  The Girl Scouts of America offers four different scout training courses online so you can incorporate the coursework into your life.

If you have bridged to another level, you also have to take coursework that corresponds to your troop level.

I am curious if your local council has many opportunities for training or sporadic offerings.  Since we are new to Juniors, I need to take the training for this level.  The local class I signed up to take this summer was canceled, and to date, no other local opportunity has been made available.

Personally, I prefer to get the required Girl Scout leader training out of the way so I know I am doing what I am supposed to do.  I wish that higher levels of Girl Scouting also offered online coursework so I can complete my requirements.

Have you been able to take your required Girl Scout leader training yet?


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  1. I just stumbled upon your blog. I’m a troop leader – this is my 5th year. We started as Daisies in the first grade and are in our second year of Juniors. Our local council doesn’t offer training for the different levels – I had no idea it existed! Although not surprising, because our local council stinks. And that’s putting it mildly.

    My girls don’t want to work on Journey’s, so we are sticking with badges. From what I’ve gathered from other leaders, they aren’t popular with anyone – I wonder why the GS are forcing these? My girls have looked at them and aren’t interested. Our troop changed schools this year, to an upper elementary school, similar to middle school, but limited to 5th & 6th grades. The homework load has increased significantly, plus most of my girls play at least one sport and at least one instrument, many play more than one of each (including my own daughter). They love scouts for the social aspect – many times they hound me to throw out whatever the plan is so that they can just run around and play and call that their meeting. And I let them, because it’s supposed to be girl led, correct?

    I’m interested to hear what the training for a Junior level would be. I have found that many of the recommended activities are frequently not age appropriate. I tend to adapt badge requirements to my girl’s interests and skill levels.

    When I do talk to anyone at our local council, I get scolded for how I run my troop. My girls love scouts, so I figure as long as they are happy and I get no support from council, we will continue to do things as is.

    1. Becky, welcome to my blog!

      I am here to assist in any way. You might want to look at other Council websites for help. There are many. like the one in Nassau County, that have fantastic tools and information for leaders.

      I will be posting more about Juniors this year, as that is the level I am at with my troop.

  2. I love adult training! It gives a chance to talk to leaders outside your town and hear what they are doing. Unfortunately, not enough volunteers feel the same way in my area. So we don’t have as many workshops other then required.
    My council use to do an all day workshop, you could get up to 4 different workshops done in one day, but this year they aren’t doing it the same way. Last year they acutally charged $20 plus for attending. I didn’t like that.

    1. When I was a teacher, my favorite workshop/in-service days were the ones where we met with our grade level colleagues across the district. We got to compare notes on what we did in the classroom. It cost the district nothing, as there were no presenters to pay. They got rid of it because we also shared other information that they did not want each other to know!

      Volunteer training should cost nothing to leaders (where does all that cookie money go?). After all, you are volunteering!

  3. our council does not offer any level oriented training. When you become a new leader you get deifferent specific basic tranings, but not gear towards any specific level. And the basic training doesn’t even include how to run meetings. Since day one of becoming a leader 3 years ago I’ve been learning on my own as I go.

    1. That is really a shame. They should be supporting leaders, who are the heart and soul of the program. After all, without leaders, there would be no Girl Scouts!

      That is why I started my blog, to help other leaders. The more I learn, the more I share. It should not have to be so hard!

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