Junior Amuse Journey-Hoping to Finish It This Week

It seems like time is flying by and here we are in December, and my troop is still working on the Junior Amuse Journey.  To be honest, the first few meetings went well, but the past few have not.  My girls like to do activities and crafts, and while I have incorporated what I could, it is just getting boring for them.

And for me.

I enjoy planning fun things for my girls to do, and this would not be labeled fun by any of us.

Our last meeting  consisted of us going over the book work and then thinking of stereotypes.  My co-leader wrote them down and I am reworking them to have a more positive spin, avoiding words like “can’t” and “don’t”.

The girls are going to select one of these stereotypes, write a few sentences about it and draw a picture.  I will then put them together at Staples and have it bound.  I will then have them donate it to the school library.  If I can arrange it, I will also have the girls read it to some of the first grade classes in our school.

I want our last meeting to be a service project, the one we do every year.  It is very important for me to have the girls think of others at this time of year.  I have missed doing other things while working on the Journey.

How is your Journey coming along?

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