Are Your Girls Earning Patches Over the Summer?

Last year, I went to the trouble of making up a form for my girls to fill out so they could earn Junior patches over the summer.  I told the parents where they could find the discontinued patches and even sent them the link for the “Make Your Own Patch”.

The only child who earned a patch was my daughter.

Honestly, I was a bit surprised at the response.  Many of my girls are home all summer, so I thought that earning a patch was something focused that they could do.

For girls in my troop who went to summer camp like my daughter, many activities could easily have been done there for credit, taking no time or effort on the part of the parents.

This summer, I did not even bother sending out the form.

My daughter decided not to go to summer camp with her twin brother, leaving me, a WAHM, needing things for her to do alone so I could get some work done.    She picked ten badges and I bought six of them during the 25 cent sale one Council store was having.

Presently, she is working on the Toy Maker badge and has made a doll and a dollhouse.  These have certainly made it easier for me to get some work done!  And I never say no to a trip to the craft store!

Are the girls in your troop working on badges over the summer?  If so, how are you keeping track of them?  Ar you buying them or are the parents?

Are you meeting over the summer?  If so, what are you working on?

Make Your Own Badge Is Available for All Girl Scouts!

The Girl Scouts of America have come out with an awesome activity for your girls to do on their own!

Make Your Own Badge  is an activity that girls can do at any time in an area that interests them.  They work on an activity, write about it, design the badge at the website, and get a certificate with their story all for $3.95 plus shipping and handling.

There are hundreds of different designs, patterns and layouts for the girls to choose.

I will be sending this link out to my parents when it gets close to summer vacation.  This can guide the girls to do some interesting things and make summer even more fun.

Find out more about the program here.

Girl Scout Fun Patches

My troop just LOVES their Girl Scout fun patches!  We have about one dozen on the back of our Brownie vests.  Quite honestly, when I make a trip to the Girl Scout store, I could go crazy and buy quite a few!

Every time we do a community service project, I buy my girls a patch.  When we have a meeting and do a craft just for fun, I will find a related patch.  Some of my girls have gone to events during their “Scouting Day” specials, and they have those patches on the back of their vests.  My daughter and her twin brother did a Home Depot workshop and that patch is on the back of her vest.

One of my favorite places to look is the bargain basket by the cash register.  You never know what Girl Scout fun patches you will find in there!