The Ultimate Girl Scout Investiture Ceremony Resource Guide for Leaders

One of the things Girl Scouts is known for is their many traditions (and no, I am not talking about selling Girl Scout cookies!). Flag ceremonies, the Pledge and Promise, the Friendship Circle and Friendship Squeeze are just a few of the time honored traditions of the movement. Another one is to have what is known as an Investiture. This ceremony is held when girls first join a troop.

Daisy leaders, do not sweat this! You do not have to have a Girl Scout Investiture ceremony for your first meeting! You should have a few under your belt before you attempt to do this. Girls need to know what scouting is about before they receive their pins. You also need to practice a song or two as well.

Parents are encouraged to attend this simple ceremony, so be sure to give them ample notice of when you are holding it.

If you are planning on having a Girl Scout Investiture ceremony for your troop, this guide is full of resources for Daisy, Brownie and Junior leaders.

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At the beginning of the scouting year, many leaders like to have a Rededication Ceremony for the girls who are returning to Girl Scouts. If a new girl is joins your troop, you can combine an Investiture for her (and any other new adult who is joining) with a Rededication ceremony.

This is not meant to be a stage performance, as you can see from the YouTube videos I found (there are more, I just picked three to highlight different ones from different levels). It is just a fun way to welcome girls to the sisterhood known as Girl Scouts.

Here are resources for leaders of three levels. If there is brand new Junior or Brownie troop, they, too, can have their own Girl Scout Investiture ceremony.

Daisy Girl Scout Investiture Ideas

Ceremonies Worksheet for planning your event

Daisy Investiture Ceremony Outline

Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta Investiture Ceremony Sampler

Daisy Girl Scout Investiture Ceremony

Girl Scout Daisy Mom-How one troop leader did her ceremony

The Ins and Outs of Investitures-has basic outline of what is required for each level

Scouting Web-Two Different short and sweet Daisy Investiture ceremonies

Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois-Complete ceremony guide


Brownie Investiture Ceremony

Another Brownie Investiture Guide

Girl Scouts Carolinas Peaks to Piedmont

Scouting Web 


Girl Scouts of San Jacinto

Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore

Have you had an Investiture ceremony for your Girl Scout troop?

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