Recycling to Earn More Than One Daisy Petal at One Meeting

Photo by Hannah Gold

One of the things I love about being a Girl Scout Leader is planning.  I am a teacher, and it is something that just comes naturally to me.

When you are a teacher, you have to make more with less. When I taught elementary school, I always spent money out-of-pocket for educational tools I wanted and needed. As a preschool teacher, I made crafts out of household things normally thrown away-paper-towel rolls, margarine tubs, newspaper, and other assorted items.

How to earn three Daisy petals with one Pringles can is a an easy craft-easy to make and easy on your dues budget. The petals earned are: orange (Responsible for what I say and do), rose (Make the world a better place) and green (Use resources wisely).

This craft can be adapted for Brownies and Juniors for something on a more age appropriate level.

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