Free Girl Scout Field Trips

Sometimes it is nice change of pace to not have an official meeting with your troop, but to take a field trip instead.

If money is an issue for your troop, there are many free places to visit!

A field trip requires advanced planning.  Assign one of your co-leaders to do this, or perhaps a parent wants to volunteer to do this for you, since it only requires a few phone calls.

Once you have decided to take a trip, you need figure out when you are going to go.  If it is at all possible, take the trip during the regular meeting time.  Parents have already blocked out this time slot on their schedules.  If that is not possible, plan the trip out at least one-two months in advance, because other arrangements may need to be made for work and childcare of siblings.

The Girl Scouts many rules for taking field trips.  Make sure you get your trip approval number from your Council contact, have all the permission slips signed, and have a person assigned to hold the emergency phone number slips.

And remember to bring a camera and have a GREAT time!

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