Another Website for Easy Girl Scout Crafts and Time Fillers

Whenever I have my Girl Scout meetings, I like to have one or two backup activities for my girls to do.  No matter how you plan, sometimes the craft or activity gets done sooner than you estimated.  Other times, you have girls who finish early. As a teacher and a Girl Scout Leader, one thing I have learned is that if you do not overplan, you will have problems.

A good teacher and leader always overplans so there is no down time for the girls.  Down time equals trouble, which creates management issues.

For my troop, I typically have a coloring page or theme related word search for them to do.

Girl Scout Meeting Time Fillers

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I also stumbled upon this website while planning a recent meeting.  It uses paper to create objects.  While you co-leader or parent volunteer is working with the other girls, you can do these papercrafts with the ones who are done.

Be sure to practice a few times before the meeting and have a sample ready for the girls to see!

This link to the Instructables website will take you directly to the section with assorted papercrafts.  They have more difficult ones for older girls, and easier ones for younger girls!

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