Earning the Brownie Girl Scout Stitch it Together Try It, Part Two

Girl Scout Sit Upon before it was decorated.

Photo by Hannah Gold

In my last post about earning the Brownie Girl Scout Stitch it Together Try It patch, I wrote about the trials of trying to teach my troop how to sew.

Four next meeting, I had to get more help, especially since my co-leader would not be attending.  I sent out an email for volunteers, and told the moms that I would have to change my plans if no one helped.  Fortunately for me, I had two friends ready and willing to help me out.

As always, I made a sample of the craft we were doing and I had my daughter actually do it for me.  We worked out the problems (whip stitch was too fussy, running stitch worked better) and I wrote in detail with pictures about how I made the Girl Scout Sit Upon.  The cost to make this was about one dollar per Girl Scout, as I used materials from our first attempt at sewing.

The Girl Scout Sit Upon is actually a craft from the Girl Scout Ways Try It patch.  I thought it would work well for Stitch it Together Try It.

Of my eleven girls, only seven came to the meeting.  With three adults, it turned out to be very manageable.  One of my volunteers actually thought of taping the end of the thread, much like the aglet on a shoelace.

The girls enjoyed it.  At the end, they decorated them with Sharpies.

At the end of the meeting, the girls sat on the floor in a sewing circle to finish their needlepoint hearts that they started last week.  They were chatting and were sad to see the meeting end!

Overall, I am glad that I attempted the Stitch it Together Try It with my troop.

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