How to Plan Your Girl Scout Field Trip

Preparing for your Girl Scout troop field trip takes a little bit of time and effort, but it is so worth it!

First, see if you are able to go on a Girl Scout field trip that is free.  To date, my troop of three years has only gone on free trips.  We do not sell cookies or do QSP, so the dues I collect go mainly for craft materials and patches.  We have gone to a nature preserve and had a guided tour and we have gone to a karate studio for a free lesson.  Other nearby troops have gone to a local children’s gym for their free class or to a local supermarket for a behind the scenes look.

How to Plan Your Girl Scout Field Trip

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Ask parents if they are associated with any place that can give a free lesson.  Our karate trip was courtesy of my co-leader’s two children, who are taking classes at the studio.  Another parent goes to a gym and they are willing to have the girls go there and show them how to exercise properly.  That one is booked for late fall when the weather turns chilly.

If another parent is the contact, let them do all of the calling and emailing for you, since she already has the relationship with the contact person.

Once you have established your trip date and time, email your Service Unit contact person for a trip permission number.

Then, use your word processing program, like Microsoft, to download the form and fill in all of the pertinent trip information.  Attach the link to an email to your troop parents, and assign a date to have the forms back to you.

You will also have to assign a person to hold the trip forms once they all have been collected.

Once you have collected all of the forms and money (if applicable), here is one step you do not want to miss!

You need to send the parents a separate email to make sure they know the time and place of pick up.


Because on my last field trip, I had parents who did not know where pick up was, even though it was on the form!  I had to make phone calls (always bring your Girl Scout binder with you with all of the phone numbers) and wait for everyone to get picked up.

This email must say that the parents have to respond to you and let you know that they understand where and when pick up is.  I would also send this on the morning of the trip just to be sure!

By following these steps on how to take a field trip with your Girl Scout troop, you will be good to go on the day of your trip

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