Another Way to Earn the Orange Daisy Petal

There are many ways to earn the orange Daisy petal, “Responsible for what I say and do”.  This part of the Girl Scout law is really one of the biggest life lessons we can teach our children.  We must always be responsible for our actions.

Because this is a life value, acting responsibly ties in with so many other Daisy Girl Scout petal activities.  When my Girl Scout troop were Daisies, we made “Responsibility Bags”.  In these bags, which they had to bring to each meeting, the girls had to keep their Daisy Handbook, a folder for papers and their Daisy vest or tunic.

We bought canvas bags, fabric paint, rhinestones and peel-and-stick foam flower pieces to decorate.  To this day, three years later, some of my girls still use this bag for Girl Scouts, even though their artistic abilities are much better now.

Photo by Hannah Gold

This the responsibility bag one of the girls made.  You can see the foam flowers and the glitter fabric paint.

For a detailed account of how my Daisy Girl Scout troop, you can read Earn the Orange Daisy Petal by Making a Responsibility Bag.

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