Happy Birthday Girl Scouts of the USA!

I just want to wish all of my fellow Girl Scouts leaders a happy 100th birthday/anniversary of the Girl Scouts!

This week, ask your troop to wear their uniform to school proudly, even if just for one day.  After all, it is Girl Scout Week!

If you missed this article in USA Today about the 100th anniversary of the Girl Scouts, here is a link for you.

This week, my troop will be sorting through canned and boxed goods that they have collected in honor of this scouting milestone.  My living room has over thirty bags-and that is just from two of my ten girls!  I will write up what we did during this month and share how it all went so you can have a successful canned food drive of your own.  My goal was to have each girl collect 100 food items, and from what they have told me, they are successful!

Enjoy this very special week!

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