Easy Camping Recipes Book

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My husband bought an iPad for himself with gift cards and cash he earned from taking surveys…but I am the one who uses it most!

I was looking at the Kindle book section, where there are a lot of free and cheap books.  I stumbled upon this one:

Available on Amazon 

l though I still love to read real books, Kindle has opened up a new avenue of book reading for everyone.  I go to the library to borrow the latest best sellers-I am not shelling out $25 bucks for a book.  Kindle has made so many more kinds of books accessible for a low price.
I have not read this book since I do not camp, but I know that many of you do!  For $2.99 for 100 recipes, if you find one or two good recipes, it is worth the price!
Did you know that you do not need to own a Kindle to read Kindle books? You can download apps to your phone or iPad and there is software for your computer so you can read them.

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