After Christmas Sales!

This is probably my favorite shopping day of the year.  There are so many wonderful buys to be had if you think creatively.  I am out the door as soon as my local WalMart and Target are open.

What am I buying?

For my Girl Scout troop, there are tons of craft materials to be had in every store.  Think red anything for Valentine’s Day, green for spring projects and Saint Patrick’s Day, and stock up on blue for Daisy Girl Scout activities.

Are you bridging from Brownies to Juniors?

Green cups and plates are half price, plus you can use a coupon!  You can be the mom who brings the paper goods to the ceremony.  Red plates and cups can be used for Valentine’s Day meetings.

Foam snowman stickers can be used for any winter craft, not only during the December holiday season.

Starting on December 26th, Bath and Body Works has their semi-annual sale, with items up to 75% off.  If you are earning petals and badges about taking good care of yourself, hand sanitizers, travel size soaps or lotions are nice things to give away at the end of the meeting.  I picked some up for 33 cents each when we earned the Brownie Girl Scout Healthy Habits Try It patch.  Look for printable coupons at to save even more money!

If you are the parent of a tween who has a lot of birthday parties to attend in the upcoming moths, make-up, nail and body gift sets are half-off at drug stores and Walmart and Target.

Candy is half off, and you can make sweet treat bags for Valentine’s Day as a community service project for a nearby senior citizen center.  How about Valentine’s Day in a bag?

What will you be looking for today?


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