Girl Scout Appreciation Week 2013

Congratulations, Ladies!  April 21-27 of 2013 is Girl Scout Appreciation Week.

I do not think that parents are aware of this Girl Scout week of recognition unless we make them aware of it.  Personally, I find that a bit awkward.  How would you approach someone with that information?

I just want to wish you all a happy week and let you know how much I appreciate YOU.  As a Girl Scout leader, I know how much free time you devote to your troop.  You do this for your daughter, yet during a meeting, you probably bend over backwards to make sure each child get the attention she needs.

There are trips to the Girl Scout store, trips to the craft store, trips to the supermarket, time searching the internet for ideas, Leader meetings to attend, forms to fill out…the list of what we do goes on and on.

Thank you for leading and making a difference for girls across the United States!

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