How Do I Disband a Girl Scout Troop?

There comes a time in every Girl Scout leader’s life when she has to quit. Maybe you just do not love it anymore, maybe your daughter is disinterested and you became the head of her troop so she could participate in Girl Scouts.  Perhaps your life is so hectic that even though you love your leadership role, continuing is not an option.

Just like a real job where you have to give at least two weeks notice, it is a common courtesy t shre with your girls and their parents that you will be stepping down from your role as leader..  The same should be applied to your troop.  Unless it is a family emergency, quitting mid-year is bad form. You can reduce the workload by meeting less often or pass the responsibility to someone else, but it is only fair to the girls to finish out the year.

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If you already know that this is going to be your last year, plan for it.  There is paperwork and protocol to follow.  Your local Council website will show you what to do.

You can also read more details in this article Disbanding a Girl Scout Troop.

Are you thinking that this is your last year as a leader?  Why?

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