Today We Begin the Junior Girl Scout Amuse Journey

In order to earn the Bronze Award, Junior Girl Scouts must complete a Journey.  I decided on the Amuse Journey because it looked like the most fun.  Many of my girls dance, sing and do theater as their extracurricular activities, so it seemed like a perfect fit.

Plus, I found the entire Journey outlined right here!  No need for me to reinvent the wheel, it has been done for me.  This was a day long workshop that I am chunking down and using what I think my girls would love to do.



I emailed the parents on Monday and asked them to have their daughters read pages 4-9 at home so we can get ready for a quick discussion. about Amuse as they have their after school snack.

The great thing about how this Journey is used is that it can be done in short, 15 minutes sessions.  I am having my volunteer act as our timekeeper so I can keep the girls on track.

The first activity we will be doing is The Flurry of Roles.  I took my sticky notes and wrote down the roles that were listed, as well as a few others.

Next, we will be playing the Charades role play game.  I wrote different roles on paper and am using a shoebox as a container.  Then they are going to do page 12 in small groups.

Then we are going to discuss page 16-17 and I will only have them write two or three women in their lives, as I do not want this to be like schoolwork.

Last, we are going to do the paper chain doll activity.  My daughter made a template and ran them off on the copy machine to save us time.  She will be the guide to show the girls how to cut it the right way.

Here is a great video tutorial in case you need help.

Because I already know that some girls do not have the book,  I am running off extra copies of the pages we will be using.

I will let you know how it goes next week!

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