Should I Stay or Should I Go? My Personal Decision

Last May, I wrote a post about this time of year when leaders make the decision to stop leading.  For some, it is an easy choice, because life circumstances have made this decision for them.  Others quit because their daughter is no longer interested in being a Girl Scout.  For some leaders, drama is the reason why they have chosen to leave. Maybe the parents are a pain, or perhaps the relationship with their co-leader has deteriorated over the years.

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I have been leading my younger daughter’s troop for the past six years.  A lot has changed since those early kindergarten Daisy days, but no matter what has happened, my main goal was to give my daughter and her friends an outstanding experience.  I was on my own a lot, and because I was, I did what I was able to do.  I am not an outdoorsy kind of woman, having grown up in the concrete jungle of the New York City borough of Queens.  That was never my job, and I did not drop the ball on that aspect.  I did everything else-plan meetings, field trips, do all the paperwork, do the shopping, fill out the forms, go to meetings…

And after six years, I am stepping down from my role as leader. I had let my parents know about this potential decision last fall when my older daughter left for college and the reality of tuition bills came crashing in.  The time I spent planning needed to be spent working. Last month, I made the decision to step down officially and informed my parents.  As part of the process, I asked if someone would be willing to step in.  I had a meeting with my friend who was willing to give it a go for next year.  It took her a few weeks to find a willing co-leader, but one was found.

I am not leaving Girl Scouts, as I am now going to be a co-leader to my daughter’s Cadette troop.  They will meet once a month for badge work and then go on trips every four to six weeks.  Over the summer, the new leaders will get their training and begin meeting in October.

Our girls have been together for years in our small, tight knit group. As far as I know, everyone is staying for Cadettes.  I will not be planning a bridging ceremony, but will leave that to the new leader to do this fall. We only have two meetings left-a field trip to Pump It Up and the final meeting will be working on our scrapbook.

This blog will continue…I have devoted over four years to it. I will still be involved with Girl Scouts, just at a less intense level.

Are you continuing as a Girl Scout leader next fall?

6 thoughts on “Should I Stay or Should I Go? My Personal Decision”

  1. I am continuing as long as I have girls that want to go on. And as of now they all say they are sticking it out until the end. I have pushed the college “gains” by being in a troop and community service that will help them when they begin applying for colleges. Some say that is the only reason but I like to think they are still enjoying it. We have cut down on meetings and this year it has been especially hard as my daughter also plays travel softball and I work full time. I don’t have any parents that step up to help so I just do what I can and when I can. That is working for now and if that changes we’ll look at what decisions need to be made at that time. I enjoy your posts and blog so I hope you do continue with it. Lots of luck on you new endeavor as Co-Leader!!

    1. Thank you, Pam for reading and for the good wishes. I admire that you are sticking with it until the end with your girls. I know that Girl Scouts looks impressive on college applications and that earning the Gold Award is a big deal. Just keep on doing what you are doing, but never feel guilty if it gets to be too much. Good luck to you, too!

  2. Thanks for this post. I have been going this alone for the last two year. However, it is very rewarding to have the girls say they love Girl Scouts and the love being in our troop. I have been more than a little frustrated with the lack of parent involvement, but its getting better.

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