How to Earn the Cadette Marketing Badge by Blinging Your Cookie Booth

We had our third Cadette meeting of the year this week and it was the final phase of earning the Cadette Marketing badge.  The Leader and other Co-leader, who is also our Cookie Mom, had not yet attended Girl Scout cookie training, as the date had been moved. However, with cookie selling just around the corner, the troop need to finish the badge and bling out the booth.

Two of the girls in our troop also belong to another church run Girl Scout troop, so they do have a year of cookie selling experience under their belts. Some of the other girls sold when we were Daisies, and a few have had no experience at all.  They were very excited during the meeting as we discussed how to act during a sale, especially if someone does not wish to buy. We discussed asking to donate a box to the troops, as we have a local organization who will ship them for us. The Leader had a special red, white and blue decorated can labeled for monetary donations if someone just wanted to put a dollar or two in it.  This will buy additional cookies for us to send  to our men and women overseas.

By Richard M. Wolff [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
By Richard M. Wolff [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
We also talked about how they were to behave while they were standing there.  My troop is fortunate enough to have a Cookie Mom who has done this before with her daughter’s old troop.  She is well organized and knows exactly what she is doing-thisi s going to be a tightly run ship. She told them about booth sales-we will be having three- one each weekend for three weekends in a row.  They are for 3.5 hours total, and each girl has a 45 minute selling time.  Only two girls are permitted to sell at each shift, so that will limit talking among themselves.  
Photo used with permission from license

Our Cookie Mom sent out a detailed email to all the parents about what will be happening about sales, picking up cookies and all of the other fine details.

She created a sign up sheet on Sign Up Genius ( for the first booth sale.  My daughter is selling with one of her best friends, and we are inside the vestibule of our local library on the first weekend of sales!  Indoors in winter…got to love it! To date, only that booth has been made available for signing up.  The others will follow once those slots have been filled.

We have one outdoor booth sale and the last one is on Superbowl Sunday inside the vestibule of our supermarket.  My older daughter did this when she was a Brownie and sales were hot! Because this grocery store is in a centrally located are that borders a few towns, we will know many people who will be coming and going during our trip.

One thing that was decided is that booth sale totals go to everyone in the troop.  There will be no dividing how many cookies were sold on what shift and how many hours one girl put in versus another. (If you want to read about ins and out of splitting cookie profits, you can read this post from last year.)  Individual sales are for each girl, and whomever chooses to go out and sell to get an incentive can go and do that on her own.

We also decided that since this is the first real cookie selling experience for most of the girls, they can work for earning an incentive prize.  Next year we will go for the higher profit margin.

If you have read my blog for any length of time, you know that I was not a cookie selling leader.  I will support my daughter by helping her create her own website to sell, by taking her door to door and by being there with her at her booth. But I will not be selling at work, nor will my husband.  I will share her website link with family and friends, but that is all. As a 12 year old, she has to earn her incentive and learn to be independent if she wants to get something on her own.

After the cookie talk, it was time to get down to the business of blinging our booth!

The leader took a coatrack of hers and decorated it with some packaged wired fabric that she got at Walmart’s after Christmas sales for a dollar!

The decorated coatrack. Photo by Hannah Gold
The decorated coatrack.
Photo by Hannah Gold

Then girls each got their own piece of large poster board and some scrap paper to work out some ideas.

Making a draft before committing it to paper. Photo by Hannah Gold
Making a draft before committing it to paper.
Photo by Hannah Gold

Some girls used pre-cut letters that were purchased to design their signs.

The beginning of one of the signs using pre-cut letters. Photo by Hannah Gold
The beginning of one of the signs using pre-cut letters.
Photo by Hannah Gold

Overall, it was a very productive meeting that ended with a game run by one of the girls. The troop has now earned their first Cadette badge!

How is your cookie experience going?

PS-You may also want to read some Girl Scout cookie selling tips to help you out!


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